From Henry Holland to Dior, these are the best fashion podcasts to listen to now

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As designer Henry Holland launches his first podcast with friends Alexa Chung and Beth Ditto, we round up the best fashion podcasts to plug into now. 

We interact with fashion on a daily basis, if not hourly. It’s one of the first things we think about – what are we going to wear that day, to the last things – do I have any clean pyjamas left? Fashion, particularly over the past few months has even gone so far as dictating our moods and behaviours. There are elements of fashion we are familiar with and have abundant access to: new in drops of clothing onto our favourite website, deep scrolls of Instagram inspiration and Pinterest boards aplenty. However, there is one element of fashion that for many is something of a mystery: behind the scenes access.

Thanks to social media, these previously high walls are starting to come down as insiders give glimpses into the creative world behind the clothes whether that be in the form of a tell-all book, deep investigative journalism or most recently via podcasts – where listeners are invited to take a sneak peek into the cogs that turn the fashion wheel. 

Just this week British designer and fashion’s resident funny man, Henry Holland, launched his own podcast What Were You Thinking? Featuring a line-up of sartorial stars including Alexa Chung, Beth Ditto, Eve, and Paul Smith, Holland’s celebrity guests take him on a journey of wardrobe choices that define important moments of their lives. If the teaser of Alexa Chung giggling to Henry Holland about what she wore to a Fendi party is anything to go by, you’re in for some hilarious anecdotes as well as moving stories about times fashion was more than just clothes.

If this sounds up your fashion street, then check out this list of the best fashion podcasts to plug into now. 

Dior Talks 

Dior Talks Podcast
Best fashion podcasts: Dior Talks

Since Maria Grazia Chiuri took over the creative direction of Dior, each collection has hinged on the exploration of what it means to be a woman now. In a continuation of that vertical, the fashion house has delved deeper into feminism and fashion with discussions and conversations from renowned female names in art and culture. The series sees friends and collaborators of the brand bring interesting and exciting conversation that will address issues of image, identity, representation and the female gaze. 

Listen to Dior Talks here. 

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed History of Fashion podcast
Best fashion podcasts: Dressed: The History of Fashion

“With over seven billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed,” says the introduction to the podcast Dressed: The History of Fashion created by Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan. The podcast, which explores both the social and cultural histories of clothing, gives interesting, often humorous and and insightful histories into the supposedly ordinary clothes we put on our backs every morning. From wedding customs to protest clothes, if you can quote The Devil Wears Prada ‘cerulean blue’ conversation between Miranda and Andie, we think this one might be for you.  

Listen to Dressed: The History of Fashion here.

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard 

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard
Best fashion podcasts: Fashion Fix With Charli Howard

Model and activist Charli Howard shot to fame when she wrote a revealing and necessary social media post about the impossible standards of beauty and body pervading fashion. Now in her podcast, Fashion Fix with Charli Howard, the model aims to make the conversation even bigger by addressing issues across the industry, from lack of diversity to shining the light on unethical practices and how to ensure you are buying sustainably. This podcast provides both an interesting listen on subjects matters that affect us all, and engaging ways we can take action. 

Listen to Fashion fIx with Charli Howard here. 

The BoF Podcast 

The BoF Podcast
Best fashion podcasts: The BoF Podcast

Well known as the definitive resource for anyone interested in the commercial side of fashion, the Business of Fashion has become the go-to for industry news. Hosted by founder and CEO Imran Ahmen, the BoF Podcast gets to crips with the economic and commercial aspects of the industry. The episodes see Ahmed in conversations with everyone from designer to CEOs discussing not only the present climate of fashion but what we can expect from the future of the industry. 

Listen to the BoF Podcast here

Fashion No Filter 

Fashion No Filter Podcast
Best fashion podcasts: Fashion No Filter Podcast

A podcast centred on fashion and friendship, Fashion No Filter sees influencers Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley give you a real insider look at the fashion industry and how it operates. Covering everything from catwalk trends, to unpicking what it means to be a modern muse, the duo have an all access guide to the previously closed world of fashion. Guests on the podcast include fellow influencers Pernille Teisbaek and Bryan Boy, as well as important conversations on circular fashion with Arizona Muse and how to make the most of your Instagram with Eva Chen. 

Listen to Fashion No Filter here

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