New Year’s Eve will be different this year – these are the dresses to rent for the occasion

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Instead of buying a new outfit for every event in your diary, try the sustainable option of renting a dress instead.

The typical New Year’s Eve plan most likely involves a new outfit, a ticket to an overpriced event and a long queue at the bar. This is followed by fireworks that everyone waits until midnight for, before a desperate struggle to find a taxi that’s undoubtedly double the usual price. This year, everything is a little bit different. That’s not to say it won’t involve a new outfit. We’ll of course all be swapping bars and clubs for a kitchen disco with our housemates or live-in family, but waving goodbye to 2020 is the perfect excuse to get dressed up for the occasion. 

A lot of lifestyle changes have had to happen this year, so why not make some positive changes to the way we shop, too? Enter: rental fashion. We’ve already compiled a guide on how to shop some of the best rental fashion sites and apps. These platforms – to rent clothes, bags and shoes – have been around for a few years now but recently they’re proving even more popular with a shift in wanting to live more sustainably. There are so many positives to renting; from getting to wear an amazing outfit by a designer that may be out of budget, to still getting to live that ‘wear once’ life a lot of us have become accustomed to. 

You can also borrow outfits from some of your favourite celebrities and influencers from rental platform By Rotation. Then there’s sites such as Rotaro who do the dry cleaning part for you so you don’t even have to think about cleaning – you can rent the above gold Shrimps dress from Rotaro from just £35 for four days. 

At Endless Wardrobe you can rent an outfit and if you decide you love it, you can buy it directly from the site. To swap and share your outfits with fellow renters, head to Hurr where you can pick up a full top-to-toe outfit. 

With so many amazing ways to ditch the ‘buy, wear once, bin’ ethos, we’ve decided to round up some of the best dresses  you’ll want to hire for New Year’s Eve. It’s time to close the gap – rent, rewear and recycle and you’ll end up getting to wear, and make memories, in some of the most amazing dresses around. 

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