Faux fur-trimmed cardigans are all the rage

This clutch of fun faux fur-trimmed cardigans are taking the world of fashion by storm

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Thanks to east London label House of Sunny, layering is no longer synonymous with fuddy-duddy dad jumpers and raggedy old throw-ons; instead, it’s been made a whole lot more stylish thanks to these chic faux fur-trimmed cardigans.

As we straddle the fence between summer (remember summer and its balmy weather? Us neither) and autumn, we must view fashion through the prism of comfort. Which is to say layers; peel them off when the sun puts her hat on, and snuggle under them when it’s blowing a gail.

Layers are a foolproof way of ensuring you keep warm/stay cool without compromising on those all-important style points. But forget dad jumpers and oversized, moth hole-ridden throw-ons, for the most ubiquitous layer in the fashion realm is more stylish, more fashion-forward and more statement-making than any that have come before it. 

Faux fur-trimmed cardigans, the sort that are positively made for in-between weather layering, were purveyed by east London label House of Sunny, whose Peggy cardigans have struggled to stay in stock since their launch in 2019. And in recent months, faux fur-trimmed cardigans have very much elbowed their way into the world of fashion where they look intent on staying.

They’re the glamorous way of staying cosied up; looking cute without being cold – isn’t that just a fashion dream? But with one of these oh-so-chic cardies, it’ll be more than just a dream, it’ll be a reality. These are a few of our favourites.

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