Gold jewellery you’ll want to wear everyday – even while you’re at home

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While we seem to be ditching our normal wardrobes in favour of more comfortable lockdown attire, the fashion team’s jewellery pieces are here to stay.

As we all adapt to working from home, it seems we’re also adapting to new ways of dressing for the office. No need to wear the traditional smart attire when working from the sofa in your own house. In fact, from our Instagram, Zoom calls and Whatsapp chats it would seem the majority of the population have switched to athleisure gear or pyjamas to clock into work. And whilst the fashion team at Stylist are also working out their new, dressed-down looks, there’s one thing we haven’t changed: the jewellery adorning our bodies.

The stacked necklaces, bracelets and hoops in our ears have remained in place even as the rest of our clothing has veered more to the casual side. Jewellery gives an instant lift to any outfit, and in a time of limited will to wear trends (or invest time and effort into sartorial decisions when there are bigger things to worry about), it’s the sort of small nod to normality that makes Zoom calls look a bit more professional. For the last few years we’ve been stacking gold jewellery on our necks, wrists and in ears. And, even in these uncertain times, many of us are continuing to wear particularly sentimental trinkets as we did before. 

Committed to your jewellery collection too? Here’s our pick of the best gold necklaces, bracelets and hoops available now.

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