29 luxury gifts to put right at the top of your Christmas wish list

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From designer It bags to iconic fashion piece, consider this your ultimate Christmas wish list. 

“What do you want for Christmas?” It’s a question we ask and respond to as early as three months before the big day. This is normally followed with a big internal (and often external sigh). Not because the magic of Christmas is lost on us now that we have reached adulthood, but because we are torn between offering up what we need for Christmas – a new blender, a pair of running shoes, a saucepan with considerably more ‘non-stick’ than yours is currently exhibiting –and what we want for Christmas. 

Since we had the ability to write, one of our first personal essays was to Santa Claus. Documenting our purest wants and desires for what we wished for Christmas. 

Recently a friend told me in giggle that at the top her niece’s wish list was a pony. (Haven’t we all been there?) This was quickly followed by a mermaid and a kitchen to bake her mermaid some biscuits. Slightly more difficult to get your hands on but not entirely impossible. We might not be citing mermaids and small horses anymore, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming, or indeed wishing.

From the ultimate designer It bags, to the most coveted fashionable interiors, consider this luxury gift guide your pre-written wish list. 

  • TL 180 x Alighieri

    TL 180 X Alighieri
    Luxury fashion gifts: TL 180 x Alighieri

    Cult jewellery design Alighieri has teamed up with Italian brand TL 180 for a collection of bags adorned with typical Alighieri gold goodness. Snap these up fast as they aren’t going to hang around. 

    Shop Le Fazzoletto large olive bag at TL 180, £450

  • Roxanne First

    Roxanne First have a nice day necklace
    Luxury fashion gifts: Roxanne First

    Industry insider favourite Roxanne First has amassed a huge following thanks to her quirky and playful designs. Like this smiley face necklace made from 14kt gold and diamonds. Impossible to have a bad day when wearing it. 

    Shop ‘Have a nice day’ necklace at Roxanne First, £600 

  • Joseph

    Luxury fashion gifts: Joseph

    Get your party pants on with Joseph’s tailored sequin trousers. Team yours with a cosy knit and some velvet slippers. 

    Shop sequin Tawny trousers at Jospeh, £425

  • Yolke

    Luxury fashion gifts: Yolke

    Upgrade your pyjamas to premium striped silk from Yolke. Almost too good to be just for bed we recommend these as daywear during the Christmas period. 

    Shop citrine and blue strip classic silk pyjama set at Yolke, £365

  • Mulberry

    Mulberry Alexa bag
    Luxury fashion gifts: Mulberry

    This year Mulberry relaunched one of its most iconic shapes: the Alexa. If you loved this bag the first time around (who didn’t) it’s definitely time to treat yourself. 

    Shop Alexa in chestnut at Mulberry, £1,095 

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Images: Courtesy of brands 

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