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Nature-inspired, printed knitwear to update your jumper and cardigan collection

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From clouds and rainbows to flowers and mushrooms – these are the fun, happy knits to wear now.      

If it’s not photos of cute animals spotted on your daily walk that’s clogging up your camera rolls, it’s probably spring flowers and the first blue skies of the year. As we step closer to the new season, and with brighter days ahead we’re relying on equally sunny outfits to deliver a sartorial lift. 

But that doesn’t have to mean shorts and sundresses just yet. Whether you give your wardrobe a hit of vitamin D hit with ‘Illuminating’ yellow, Pantone’s Colour of the Year, or you try out wearing pastel colours for these cooler days, there’s a transitional way to still stay cosy as you wait for warmer days: nature knits. 

In the spirit of the daily walks we’ve all gotten used to, knitwear has been inspired by the natural world. East London brand House of Sunny is leading the way with a whole host of jumpers and cardigans (including this ’Big Bloom’ cardie), triggering an instant endorphin boost; with daisies, mushrooms, swimming pools and sunsets. 

Then there’s Stella McCartney’s ‘smile’ jumper that is reigning supreme in the slogan knitwear stakes. How can you not smile when your outfit sparks this much joy?

It’s not just the UK’s nature scene that’s inspiring knitwear, though, some styles are transporting you to warmer climates. And luckily you don’t even need a plane ticket. With sunshine, palm trees, jungle and flower power prints, this knitwear will remind you of summer days. 

Meet the nature-inspired knitwear you’ll want to wear across all seasons, forever. 

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  • Lazy Oaf jumper

    Lazy Oaf jumper
    Best nature-inspired knitwear: Lazy Oaf

    Have you ever seen a more joyful jumper? Smiley, happy flowers are the way to take your knitwear collection from dreary winter to ready for spring. 

    Shop Cosy Cabin jumper at Lazy Oaf, £100

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