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The best slogan T-shirts and sweatshirts from indie brands

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For the hard-to-buy-for people in your lives and your cosy collection of sweatshirts, we’ve curated the best selection of chic offerings.

When it comes to failsafe options for those fussy people, suffice to say that comfy fashion comfy sweatshirts and T-shirts are a safe space. But not just any old garm will do, of course. Let us introduce you to The Drop by Stylist – our marketplace for independent brands that are guaranteed to deliver something truly unique. 

We’ve curated a selection of offerings from a few of these independent labels, each with a unique slogan etched atop to give it that personalised feel. What’s not to love?

From a wonderful Aperol-inspired pastel sweatshirt to a feel-good self-motivating T-shirt, there’s sure to be something to satiate even the fussiest friend in our lives. Thanks to these options, tackling an under-the-radar gift that’s simultaneously warm and chic just got a lot easier. 

Scroll down for the buys to gift to others (and most likely yourself while you’re at it)…

The best slogan T-shirts and jumpers from independent fashion brands

  • Kim & Tonic Eyeroll Slogan T-shirt

    Kim & Tonic Eye Roll T-Shirt
    The Drop: Kim & Tonic Eye Roll T-Shirt

    When you’re having one of *those* days when everything and everyone is getting on your nerves, Kim & Tonic’s slogan T-shirt knows how you feel. As the brand’s founder Kim Ryan so eloquently puts it, “When your boss calls a last-minute meeting on a Friday afternoon, when a friend cancels your catch-up for the umpteenth time, when you’re the only person in the house who seems to know how to change the loo roll, chances are you are well-acquainted with the eyeroll.”

    Available in three colour combinations, snap one up for yourself or that friend who can’t help eyerolling her way through life. You’ll find us wearing ours on Mondays – because Mondays always deserve an eyeroll.

    Shop Kim & Tonic Eyeroll Slogan T-shirt at The Drop, £18

  • Black & Beech Embroidered Do No Harm Take No Shit T-Shirt

    Black & Beech Slogan T-Shirt
    The Drop: Black & Beech Slogan T-Shirt

    As the old adage goes, confidence is key. So, when you’re looking for a T-shirt that channels this same energy, Black and Beech’s ‘Do No Harm, Take No Shit’ T-shirt has the right idea.

    Made from 100% cotton and available in S-XL, it will become a staple for those days when you wake up feeling like you could take on the world. Whether you’re embodying your best Lizzo energy or need a new life mantra, let this T-shirt do the talking.

    Shop Black & Beech Embroidered ‘Do No Harm Take No Shit’ T-Shirt at The Drop, £30

  • Limpet Store Iced Coffee Luxe Embroidered T-Shirt

    Limpet Store Iced Coffee T-Shirt
    The Drop: Limpet Store Iced Coffee T-Shirt

    Nothing speaks to our souls more than an iced coffee in summer – or so we thought until we locked eyes with this ‘Iced Coffee’ slogan T-shirt from South-England based lifestyle label Limpet Store.

    Made from 100% organic cotton and available in two iced coffee-inspired colourways, look closer at the right sleeve and you’ll love the hand-embroidered coffee cup embellishment even more.

    Name a more appropriate piece to wear on your iced coffee runs or while slurping an iced latte during a picnic in the park – we’ll wait…

    Shop Limpet Store Iced Coffee Luxe Embroidered T-Shirt at The Drop, £32 

  • Kim & Tonic Knackered T-shirt

    Kim & Tonic Knackered T-Shirts
    The Drop: Kim & Tonic Knackered T-shirts

    British fashion label Kim & Tonic has a way of articulating exactly how we feel with its catchy slogan pieces. First, its Just Quietly Smashing It T-shirt became a bestseller on The Drop, but now they’re back with a T-shirt boasting another very relatable feeling: being knackered.

    Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and available in two colourways – white and tan or grey and black – this comfy, breathable T-shirt is one you’ll want to wear with your favourite baggy jeans, slouchy linen trousers or summer-ready midi skirts. Now, whenever someone asks how you’re doing and you’re too tired to answer, simply point to your top and they’ll get the picture.

    Shop Kim & Tonic Knackered T-shirt at The Drop, £18

  • Black & Beech Woman Up Raglan Sweater

    The Drop: Black & Beech Woman Up Sweater
    The Drop: Black & Beech Woman Up Sweater

    You can say a lot in two words – take Christopher Kane’s iconic ‘More Joy’ slogan sweatshirt that delivers instant motivation. So, when you next want to advertise your gender equality beliefs to the world, we’ve got just the thing in the form of Black & Beech’s ‘Woman Up’ slogan sweatshirt.

    Made from a blend of recycled cotton and polyester, this deep forest green jumper will end up becoming a go-to for the weekends and all those occasions when you need that extra push to get through the day (that’ll be every Monday then). Comfy and meaningful? Yes please.

    Shop Black & Beech Woman Up Raglan Sweater at The Drop, £40 

  • Iggy & Burt Dangerous Creature blue cashmere jumper

    Iggy & Burt Blue Dangerous Creature Cashmere Jumper
    The Drop: Iggy & Burt Blue Dangerous Creature Cashmere Jumper

    If this cashmere and merino mix jumper is ringing some bells, you may recognise the pink version from US Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema’s senate floor appearance in February 2021 after which it, of course, went viral.

    Now available in blue, it’s ideal for throwing in your bag in case of chilly weather on changeable spring days – ready to warm up a floaty dress or flimsy T-shirt at a moment’s notice. And of course, it’s a conversation starter for those days when you fancy making a subtle feminist statement – if you’re anything like Stylist, that’ll be every day then…

    Shop Iggy & Burt Dangerous Creature Blue Cashmere Jumper at The Drop, £75

  • Black & Beech Woman Up T-shirt

    Black and Beech Woman Up T-Shirt
    The Drop: Black and Beech woman up T-Shirt

    Language matters – remind the world of women’s innate strength with Black & Beech’s Woman Up slogan T-shirt, exclusive to The Drop. Available in a white short-sleeved style or black with long sleeves, and made from ethically-sourced materials, pull it out of your wardrobe on those days you feel like repping the 51% (#alldayeveryday).

    Black & Beech founder Stacey is passionate about supporting causes for women, and uses her collections to donate to charities such as Repeal 8, Together For Yes, and Plan International. A brand that gives back will always be at the top of our wishlist…

    Shop Black & Beech Woman Up T-shirt at The Drop, £25

  • Uzma Bozai sleeping beauty sweatshirt

    email8_Uzma Bozai Sweater_£80_1
    The Drop: Uzma Bozai sweatshirt

    Off-duty days call for two things – sleep and stylish loungewear. Not only does Uzma Bozai’s hand-embellished pastel pink sweatshirt tick both boxes, you’ll also save £45 exclusively on The Drop.

    Handmade by skilled artisans in India who receive fair wages, employment rights and safe working conditions, this comfy cotton piece channels who we all want to be when we doze off. We love the glamorous addition of sequin and beaded lashes which elevates it to ‘leaving the house’ status – whether you pair with joggers or a sequin midi-skirt and stomper boots is up to you.

    Shop Uzma Bozai sleeping beauty sweatshirt at The Drop, £80

  • Marina B Designs C'est La Vie jumper

    email7_Marina B_Cest les vie_Bonjour jumper_£45_
    The Drop: Marina B C'est La Vie jumper

    It might be un peu basic, but we really do believe everything sounds better in French. Fortunately, Leicestershire-based lifestyle label Marina B has us covered. These navy sweatshirts are adorned with roll-off-the-tongue phrase, ‘C’est La Vie’, in handwriting we wish we had.

    Made from 80% cotton, they’re soft, breathable and will see you from pub trip to dog walk to sofa session with ease. De rien

    Shop Marina B Designs C’est La Vie jumper at The Drop, £45

  • Limpet Store I Just Want Snacks sweatshirt

    Limpet Store I Just Want Snacks Sweatshirt
    The Drop: Limpet Store I Just Want Snacks sweatshirt

    Whether your kryptonite is chunks of Dairy Milk, hummus and crackers or a packet of Walkers Ready Salted, there’s a snack lover in all of us. Luckily, Emily, founder of fashion label Limpet, is on the same page with this slogan sweatshirt that truly embodies our desire for snacks at any given moment.

    Available in three go-with-everything colours, the stitched ‘I Just Want Snacks’ slogan is made for those people who always need nourishment within easy reach. Wear under a puffer in winter or with denim cut-offs come spring, and tell the world how you really feel. Pass the Monster Munch…

    Shop Limpet Store I Just Want Snacks sweatshirt at The Drop, £35

  • Sofe Aperol Queen sweatshirt

    Sofe Store Aperol Queen Crew Neck
    The Drop: Sofe Store aperol queen crew neck

    Whether you’re craving Amalfi-style sunshine or know someone who can’t resist the iconic cocktail no matter what the weather, Sofe’s Aperol Queen sweatshirt is a playful nod to the Italian spirit that’s conquered the world.

    Available in pale pink or white, the ‘Aperol Queen’ slogan is designed and handprinted by Sofe’s founder Sophie. Launched during the pandemic from her bedroom, she quit her day job after just two months to work on the brand full-time. Now, her cocktail-inspired prints have earned her a legion of fans.

    Shop Sofe aperol queen crew neck at The Drop, £29.99

  • Rock on Ruby Let It Snow Christmas jumper

    Rock On Ruby Let It Snow Christmas Sweatshirt
    The Drop: Rock On Ruby let it snow Christmas sweatshirt

    If you want to channel Christmas spirit with a French twist all year round, we’ve found the perfect lo-fi option from Rock On Ruby

    With a chic, handwritten Let It Snow slogan on the chest accompanied by a sprinkling of stars and snowflakes on one of the lower sleeves, you’ll be counting down the days ‘till the big day in no time…

    Shop Rock on Ruby Let It Snow Christmas jumper at The Drop, £34

  • FWP by Rae APÉRO sweatshirt

    FWP by Rae Apero Sweatshirt
    The Drop: FWP by Rae Apero Sweatshirt

    FWP By Rae was born out of a love for good quality ethically made clothing and this cheeky Apero slogan boxy style is just what we’re in the mood for wearing. 

    As FWP By Rae’s founder explains: “‘Un petit apéro?’ was a question I heard a lot when living in France. Apero (an abbreviation for aperitif) time is a very serious time of day in France and is taken at midday just before lunch and/or before dinner.” 

    Available in pinky coral on lilac rose, off-white on slate green, or pinky coral on winter white, dress it up for cocktail hour.

    Shop FWP by Rae APÉRO sweatshirt at The Drop, £45

  • House of Alice diva T-shirt

    House of Alice_Diva Tshirts
    The Drop: House of Alice Diva T-shirts

    With the 90s and Y2K fashion resurgence going nowhere – not to mention the nostalgia trend – House of Alice’s Diva slogan T-shirts couldn’t have come at a better time. 

    Founder Alice Thornton’s collection of small batch T-shirts pay homage to iconic musical divas, with 90s bubble writing to complete the throwback look. 

    The hardest part? Choosing between Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston and Britney Spears.

    Shop House of Alice diva tee at The Drop, £35

  • Black and Beech Liberté, Egalité, Sororité dusky pink drop shoulder sweater

    Black & Beech Liberte Egalite Shoulder Sweater
    The Drop: Black & Beech Liberte Egalite Shoulder Sweater

    Printed with the same iconic slogan that can be traced back to the Mouvement de la Libération des Femmes in 1970s Paris, it’s a feminist phrase worth celebrating no matter what the season.

    “As Black & Beech proves, going big on comfort doesn’t mean having to compromise on style – throw yours on with a pair of leather trousers and box-fresh kicks,” suggests Stylist’s fashion features editor Billie Bhatia.

    Shop Black and Beech Liberté, Egalité, Sororité dusky pink drop shoulder sweater at The Drop, £35

  • Kim & Tonic Just Quietly Smashing It white T-shirt

    Kim & Tonic T-Shirt
    The Drop: Kim & Tonic t-shirt

    Kim & Tonic’s ‘Just Quietly Smashing It’ T-shirt makes a great gift for anyone who deserves recognition or is in need of a confidence boost. “Add some feel-good vibes to your everyday wardrobe with this cotton T-shirt,” says Stylist’s style director Polly Knight. “Team with high-waisted denim, your comfiest sandals and some oversized sunnies for a cool yet punchy look.”

    Plus, the vintage-inspired font is an instant winner for everyone with a penchant for 70s style. Want to be the RuPaul of your friendship group? This is where to start…

    Shop Kim & Tonic Just Quietly Smashing It white T-shirt at The Drop, £18

  • Limpet Store I Need a Nap embroidered sweatshirt

    Limpet Store_I Need A Nap Sweater
    Limpet Store I need a nap sweatshirt

    Limpet Store’s cosy, fleece-lined sweatshirt is imprinted with the saying that gets uttered across the nation on Sunday afternoons, while keeping you stylishly warm in the process.

    With embroidery coming straight from founder Emily Fluen’s south England-based design studio, the playful loungewear staple is available in three go-with-everything colours – white, grey and black – and its oversized fit makes for a great WFH option, too. 

    Shop Limpet Store I Need a Nap embroidered sweatshirt at The Drop, £35

  • Calabash Coast exclusive signature Femme organic T-shirt

    Calabash Coast Tshirt
    The Drop: Calabash Coast T-shirt

    Printed to order, this relaxed fit T-shirt is exclusive to The Drop. “Everyone needs a 100% organic cotton white T-shirt in their wardrobe, especially one with a subtle slogan,” says Stylist’s style director Polly Knight. 

    We’ll be wearing it under a tailored black blazer when we head into the office.

    Shop Calabash Coast exclusive signature femme organic T-shirt at The Drop, £25

  • FWP By Rae Bon Vintage fine knit sweatshirt

    FWP by RAE Bon Vintage Sweatshirt
    The Drop: FWP by RAE Bon Vintage Sweatshirt

    In a fine knit, this 100% organic cotton sweatshirt is made to feel more like a sweater and is produced in a Fairtrade factory in India which only deals in organic cotton sourced via The Chetna Project

    This means they help these farmers improve their livelihoods through the integration of organic and Fairtrade principles. Farmers produce 100% organic and Fairtrade Certified cotton without child labour, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers or GMOs. They also have a direct role in decision-making throughout the production and selling processes.

    FWP By Rae then adds embroidery via a small local business in Surrey so it looks good and feels good.

    Shop FWP By Rae Bon Vintage fine knit sweatshirt at The Drop, £45

  • Coco Roses exclusive Sisterhood T-shirt

    Coco Roses Sisterhood Tshirt
    Coco Roses Sisterhood T-Shirt

    “I design everything with one purpose: to inspire, empower and make women feel good about themselves (once and for all),” says Mimi, the founder of Coco Roses Apparel. 

     With this vital message in mind, she’s created an exclusive limited edition T-shirt for The Drop by Stylist. This gorgeous top is hand dyed and hand printed on organic, ethical garments

    Shop Coco Roses exclusive Sisterhood T-shirt at The Drop, £30

  • Bookishly Limited Pride And Prejudice Pemberley varsity sweatshirt

    Bookishly Sweatshirt
    The Drop: Bookishly Sweatshirt

    The lovechild of classic literature and loungewear, Bookishly’s sweatshirt nods to one of Jane Austen’s most famous settings. Celebrating Pemberley, the gloriously opulent estate owned by Pride And Prejudice’s Mr Darcy, and the year that the iconic novel was published, it’s the slogan sweatshirt that will speak to books fans everywhere.

    And the fact that varsity-style jumpers are a trend beloved by fashion insiders just adds to its appeal.

    Shop Bookishly Limited pride and prejudice pemberley varsity sweatshirt at The Drop, £37

  • Black & Beech Nevertheless She Persisted T-shirt

    Black & Beech T-shirt
    The Drop: Black & Beech T-shirt

    Designed by Cardiff-based illustrator Sophie Potter, hand-drawn pink flowers are teamed with bold black lettering on organic ecru cotton that’s textured with remnants of the original plant, lending it an authentically imperfect vibe.

    Want your wardrobe to represent more iconic moments in feminist history? This is where to start…

    Shop Black & Beech nevertheless she persisted T-shirt at The Drop, £20

  • Iggy & Burt Dangerous Creature cashmere jumper

    Iggy & Burt Creature Jumper
    The Drop: Iggy & Burt Creature cashmere jumper

    Made from a blend of cashmere and merino wool, this is the perfect layer for al fresco dining on a chilly spring evening and a perfect match for the pink lover in all of us. 

    Plus, it’s available at a special price exclusively on The Drop which is even more reason to get excited about this comfy piece.

    Shop Iggy & Burt dangerous creature cashmere jumper at The Drop, £75

  • Sabinna Stronger Together T-shirt

    Sabinna Stronger Together T-shirt
    The Drop: Sabinna tsronger together t-shirt

    This is the perfect loose-fit white T-shirt but also one that comes with serious eco-credentials. Sabinna has collaborated with Austrian illustrator Karo Oh to create a message of hope with a Stronger Together design that also has a QR code on the label. 

    This means when you no longer want or need your T-shirt, you can send it back to the factory and they’ll recycle it. Genius!

    Shop Sabinna stronger together T-shirt at The Drop, £39

  • Bob The Brand Motherhood sweatshirt

    Bob the Brand Motherhood Sweatshirt
    The Drop: Bob the Brand Motherhood Sweatshirt

    Proudly designed and hand-printed in Manchester, the BOB brand is for adults and babies regardless of gender or age. All its products are made on demand so you can customise your order and they can reduce their impact on the environment.

    Choose from a full chest print or small chest print and let someone know that you think they’re amazing.

    Shop Bob The Brand motherhood sweatshirt at The Drop, £35

  • Birungi Kawooya Art Love wearable art sweatshirt

    The Drop: Birungi Kawooya Art Love Sweatshirt
    The Drop: Birungi Kawooya Art Love Sweatshirt

    Inspired by Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE statue, artist Birungi Kawooya’s navy sweatshirt is a wearable piece of design that aims to share good vibes. 

    Known for her work which is all about empowering Black women and girls and celebrating the beauty of the African diaspora, Kawooya is a name to watch and one of our favourite designers on The Drop.

    Shop Birungi Kawooya Art LOVE wearable art sweatshirt at The Drop, £39

  • Iggy & Burt Chaos jumper

    Iggy & Burt Chaos Jumper in Red
    The Drop: Iggy & Burt Chaos Jumper in Red

    Named after their grandfathers Ignatius and Herbert, Iggy & Burt was founded in 2018 and born out of the belief that natural and quality yarns are the starting point of design.

    This gorgeous Chaos jumper is made with cashmere and merino and each piece of the garment is knitted separately and then linked together by hand using the traditional process of fully fashioning. 

    Shop Iggy & Burt chaos jumper at The Drop, £75

  • Doodlemoo Love Love boxy jumper

    Doodlemoo_Boxy Jumper
    The Drop: Doodlemoo Boxy Jumper

    The Beatles said it best: all you need is love. And all your wardrobe needs this winter is a slogan sweatshirt expressing just that – twice. 

    Whether it’s for yourself or a way to tell your nearest and dearest how you feel about them, Doodlemoo’s slogan jumper is available in three colours – black, mauve and stone blue – and is made from certified organic cotton using a low-waste printing technique.

    Shop Doodlemoo Love Love boxy jumper at The Drop, £35

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