Summer fashion 2022: 9 best summer co-ords to buy now

Summer co-ords are the effortless way to dress this season. Here are the best ones to shop now

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A summer co-ord is here to make getting dressed in the heatwave a whole lot easier. We’ve rounded up the most stylish ones to invest in now. 

Deciding what we are going to wear each day is as commonplace as brushing our teeth. Sometimes this can be a snap reaction – jeans and T-shirt – and sometimes it feels like we are staring at our wardrobes for an eternity, unable to piece anything together. While lockdown certainly removed some of these considerations, we still had to think about what we were going to wear: loungewear or leggings. Decisions, decisions.

Now, as we re-emerge for the summer, our minds are running overtime as we start to consider our wardrobes for the warm weather. Will that shirt work with my jeans or will the length be a little off? What kind of top will look good with my new midi skirt? Can you wear a printed top with printed trousers? The list goes on. 

However, there is a way that these pondering questions can be eliminated, via a summer co-ord. 

We’ve come to know co-ords as tailored suiting: matching jackets with matching trousers or skirts. But for the summer, co-ords have expanded beyond that remit. Breezy linen tops that match equally breezy linen maxi skirts, plissé camisoles paired with plissé trousers, and matching printed shorts and shirts.

Easy to wear and even easier to put together, reclaim your time this summer by investing in an effortless co-ord. We have rounded up the coolest ones to wear this season. 

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