Best women's summer brands to know in 2022

“I’m a fashion writer, and Boteh is the one brand I always wear during the summer months”

Australian label Boteh is one of the fashion world’s best-kept summer secrets (you can thank us later).

Not all fashion brands were created equally, that much we know. There are those that are borderline acceptable when it comes to getting through everyday life and others that provide unequivocal investments for years to come. Think about it: the brand you reach for on your couch potato days generally speaking isn’t the same as the label you love for painting the town red with friends.

Deciphering between brands during summer is made even more difficult than usual thanks to the warm weather, which renders absolutely everything virtually impossible. Thinking? In this heat? You must be mad. 

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Best women's summer brands to know in 2022
Nailing summer style staples is made even more simple when you find a stellar brand.

Which is why when I stumbled upon a brand that took the thinking out of getting dressed in the warm weather for me, I jumped for joy and it’s with this news that I come to you. There’s one brand that reigns supreme in my summer wardrobe, and I know for sure many others’ too, and it’s Boteh.

If your summer aesthetic is Balearic bohemian, Boteh is a brand that is not to be overlooked. Founded by Amelia Mather in October 2020 (in the middle of you-know-what), the brand, whose name derives from the Persian word for ‘paisley’ is my worst-kept summer style secret. 

Best women's summer brands to know in 2022
Boteh is the bohemian Balearic brand worthy of a spot in your summer wardrobe.

Its appeal is three-fold. Firstly, its prints manage to be both summer-friendly without being garish. Secondly, the materials it reaches for – think easy-breezy cottons and linens – allow skin to breathe. And lastly, the Boteh pieces I bought years ago, I still wear. This is a true forever brand that makes pieces you will wear during the warm weather over and over again. 

The pieces I’m reaching for this year are proof that Boteh and its legion of pareos, dresses and blouses is still going strong. Its Peri pareo, which, yes, is as spicy as its name, its navy cotton Ismena maxi skirt and its La Choza blouse have been sitting in my basket for weeks now, and it might well be time to check out, once and for all.

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