Walking shoes for women: 14 of the most comfortable boots, trainers and wellies

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As we continue walking to get our daily dose of fresh air, give your feet the stylish makeover they deserve in our round up of the most fashionable (and practical) footwear

With new (but old) lockdown measures upon us we are collectively returning to some of those small comforts from 2020 to see us through - namely walking. That previous allotted one hour of exercise in our first lockdown became part of our daily routines, and in truth, something we relied on to step away from our working from home set ups.

Walking has stayed with many of us, providing comfort and escape when everything else seems slightly overwhelming. So it stands in good reason that January will include a lot of well, walks. 

If you’re anything like us (and we imagine we are kindred spirits) your winter wardrobe looks a lot like cosy jumpers, soft sweatshirts, an entire drawer of leggings and tracksuit bottoms ranging from tie-dye to tonal. But what of the footwear? We have lived in a range of footwear over the last year – ones we never thought would re-enter our sartorial stratosphere – Uggs, Crocs and fur (faux, of course) lined anything. As we refocus our efforts on getting through the foreseeable future through the outlet of walking, let’s give our footwear the attention it deserves.

With that in mind, we have rounded up the most fashionable footwear – from wellies to trainers and every variable of good boot in between – so that your feet are covered (literally) in the most stylish of options.  

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