The best summer sleepwear sets to keep you cool all night long

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From cooling cotton sets to billowing night dresses, we’ve rounded up the best summer pyjamas to help you get the best night’s sleep.

Is there anything more inviting then stripping off your day clothes after a long slog of work and slipping into your pyjamas? Ditching the day and whatever drama went with it and replacing it with comfort and joy? Even if our day clothes are currently loungewear, or leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, the promise of pyjamas is enough to send us into a deep slumber of calm.

But what happens when the temperature rises and your flannel pyjamas that have been your source of such comfort, the ones that have seen you through multiple hungover Sundays, have mopped up your Deliveroo dinners and have sat through more episodes of Friends than you care to admit, are now the cause of your restless night’s sleep? Instead of caressing your weary limbs, your pyjamas are now the source of your overheating, your tossing and turning and your 3am wake ups feeling clammy and unsettled. 

The solution? Summer sleepwear. As we prepare for the warmer months, and with another heatwave set to return, it’s time to ditch the heavy-set flannel pyjamas in favour of summer sleepwear. Think starchy linen sets that let your night time skin breath, billowing cotton poplin night dresses and cute (but cool) short sets that are so chic you’ll want to wear them well into the day.

We’ve rounded up the chicest sleepwear sets to keep you cool (in every sense of the word) and ensure the best night’s sleep this summer. 

  • Pour Les Femmes

    Pour les femme nightdress
    Best summer sleepwear: Pour Les Femmes

    Pour Les Femmes’ rose-pink nightdress is crafted from organic Japanese cotton, making it an ideal lounge-around-the-house dress as much as well as the perfect sleep dress. To be honest, we also think it’s the perfect sit-in-the-park dress, too. 

    Shop pink dress, £225, Pour Les Femmes

  • les girls les boys

    Les girls les boys yellow pyjamas set
    Best summer sleepwear: Les girls les boys

    Known for their cult loungewear, when it comes to comfort, les girls les boys has got it down pat. This cotton set has got ‘easy breezy’ written all over it. 

    Shop yellow pyjama set, £47.06, les girls les boys 

  • Sleeper

    Sleeper loungewear set
    Best summer sleepwear: Sleeper

    Technically, Sleeper’s loungewear set (can we take a minute for the frilly shorts?) is meant to be worn in the day. Considering our working from home habits right now, we are very much on board with such sartorial thinking. 

    Shop linen short set, £175, Sleeper

  • Jigsaw

    Jigsaw blue pyjama set
    Best summer sleepwear: Jigsaw

    Nothing beats an old-school pair of blue striped pyjamas. Jigsaw’s 100% cotton short set are a timeless classic to add to your pyjama reportoire now. 

    Shop blue pyjama set, £50, Jigsaw

  • Yolke

    Yolke foxgloves pyjamas
    Best summer sleepwear: Yolke

    Cut from 100% linen this Yolke set features a gently frilled shirt and matching short. Too pretty to be reserved for just bedtime, take this set apart and wear the pyjama top with high-waisted boyfriend jeans and pair the shorts with a white T-shirt for easy summer styles. 

    Shop embroidered pyjama set, £220, Yolke 

Images: courtesy of brands 

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