Chanel has released the chic phone upgrade you didn’t know you needed

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Given we are not and have never been the muse for a perfume campaign, it’s unlikely you’ll find us dripping in Chanel couture 365 days a year.

But there is a very accessible way to accessorise with the designer label on a daily basis without putting your already strained credit card completely over the limit.

The only catch is these accessories are more for your phone than for your wardrobe. Oh, and when we say phone, we don’t mean some sort of reinvented cute phone charm or stylish, expensive case.

Nope, the fashion power house, known for pushing limits on and off the catwalk, has dipped into the digital world and launched a limited edition set of emojis to give your iMessages the chicest of makeovers.

Yep, you can now expand your digital fashion lexicon with an entire collection of pink and glossy symbols.

The Rouge CoCo Gloss collection is a collection of emojis in a strict sense, as they don’t fit into the emoji keyboard, but any of the 37 animated stickers can be pinned to an iMessage when you text.

And true to the name, they come in a range of sweet pastel hues and romantic rouges.

The icons themselves are everything you would expect from Chanel: playful, creative, innovative and completely irresistible.

Among the revolving peace hand (used for when living your very best life), the sarcastic eye-roll (this will definitely come in handy) and the biting lip (it’s a whole level up from the peach and aubergine) there’s something to suit any mood. Besides, can one really express oneself without the aid of a high-end fashion emoji?

Clearly, Chanel thinks not.

The iconic label has encouraged users to “use, abuse, tell your friends and add a little fanciness to your messages” and have made the collection completely free and available to download on the App Store now.

So let your inner fashionista run riot and add some designer sass to your messages while they’re still available.

Images: Chanel / Rex Features


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