Chrissy Teigen's Halloween costume has truly confounded the internet

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For many of us, the word ‘Halloween’ means just one thing: the opportunity to let loose and dress-up in a completely over the top costume.

So, when Chrissy Teigen revealed that she had found the perfect matching couples costume for her and her husband, John Legend, our interest was 100% piqued: after all, there’s nothing better than a little celebrity fancy-dress inspiration when it comes to planning our 31 October ensemble.

Taking to Twitter (her spiritual home, some might say), Teigen posted a picture of her hand holding two mysterious packets on Twitter with the caption.

In a caption which considerably confused her 7.53 million followers, she wrote simply: “I found our Halloween costume @johnlegend.”

Many fans – what with the packets being small and square and made of foil and all – immediately assumed that Teigen’s #HalloweenInspo was, in fact, a "condom wrapper."  Which, considering her infamous tongue-in-cheek humour, we can totally understand. 

“I thought these were condoms,” wrote one.

Another agreed, tweeting: “I thought they were condoms and tbh, I'm still not sure they aren't”.

And a third, clearly completely bewildered, asked the internet at large: “Is it a condom? I seriously don't know. Halp!”.


Thankfully, other Twitter users quickly stepped in to explain that Teigen was actually holding up packets of delicious ramen seasoning – and that she clearly intends to blend her foodie dreams with her fancy dress goals this October.

Whether Teigen and Legend go full matchy-matchy, or one goes as the packet and the other as the noodles, we have huge hopes for this costume. After all, it’s by far the first time the feminist model and her husband have coordinated their Halloween looks: remember their adorable turn as Princess Peach and Mario? Or their take on Cleopatra and a Roman gladiator?



We can’t wait to see how Teigen styles out those noodle flavourings, but , in the meantime, here’s some duo fancy dress ideas to try with your BFF... 

Cher and Dee from Clueless

The ultimate dream team.

Mullens and Ashborn from The Heat

Could you feel anymore empowered taking on the bad guys as this hilarious duo?

Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard of Oz

Where would Dorothy be without her road to follow? It’s all about looking at the deeper meaning people. 

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland

There’s no doubts that these two come as a pair. 

Sandy and Danny from Grease

Who says you have to be a man to be a T Bird?

If you’re not so much of a crafter yourself, but still want a killer costume, check out our round-up of Asda’s Disney villain fancy-dress outfits for this Halloween.

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