Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Christmas gift guide 2014; what to buy for your boyfriend

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Legend has it that men don't like to over complicate things. They like clear instructions. They like being straight forward. And they don't like messing around. 

Funny that! Because the results of a quick poll of the men in our office generated shrugs of indifference, grunts of 'dunno' and mumbled variations of 'get me anything' when we asked what was on the Christmas list.

Men are, it would seem, chronically indecisive when it comes to telling us what they want waiting for them under the tree.

However, we're here to rescue you from the panic that occurs at this time of year when you're looking to buy your boyfriend or husband a decent gift, and want to avoid buying another pair of socks.

From portable Bluetooth speakers to a classic film anthology, we've selected some of the best presents any man would be happy to receive.

  • Uniform Wares watch



  • Flask decanter




  • The Kobo Aura H2O: The first waterproof e-reader

     £139.99 For the man who likes to read in the bath, the first waterproof e-reader is a must.

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