Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Christmas gift guide 2014: Secret Santa presents

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There's a fine art to getting the Secret Santa gift right. 

Go too cheap and tacky and you've basically bought a novelty gift (not great if you're buying for a colleague). Go too fancy, and you look like you've put too much thought into it. 

What you're aiming for is a not-really-thought-about-it-but-actually-amazing present that offers a touch of luxury, something to eat or just a bit of fun. Hit one, or all three of these and you're on to a winner. 

We've selected 10 of our favourite Secret Santa gifts, which would be perfect for friends, family and colleagues. We've basically saved your life, right? 

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    Ila is a British brand that is renowned for its luxury organic skincare, spa products and treatments and its ingredients are all plant or marine derived. Their travel kit is perfect for someone who wants to get a moment of 'wellness' on the go. 


  • Luxe notebook

    Who doesn't love fancy stationery? No one, that's who. This elegant and chic notepad from the Design Museum is so good, we're off to buy three for ourselves right now.


  • iBed Lap Desk

    When you're watching TV and also on the iPad sometimes it's tricky to do both at once, especially if you're trying to eat a snack too. But hurrah for the iBed as it's here to solve all your problems as you can at once rest your iPad/tablet in the slot and also balance a drink or two in the remaining space. Incredible.


  • The Modern Cocktail Martinis Mixers

    Christmas is for booze so what better than creating your own perfect cocktail with this set of flavoured martini mixers. 


  • Milk Chocolate Enrobed Caramelised Pecan Nuts

    We've tried these so we know that they're good. But seriously, these are good, oh so good. Go buy a box now for everyone you know. Yes, they are that good.


  • Jay Disco Biscuits Set

    To borrow the words of the great Bee Gees, “you should be dancing, yeah”. And you should definitely be dancing at Christmas. Even your biscuits should be dancing. To do just that all you need are these disco cookie cutters. 


  • Monopoly Water Bottle

    Ah Monopoly, always the leader among many other inferior board games.  Which is why we love this water bottle with the iconic water symbol from the greatest game ever. We will pass go and we will collect £200, thank you very much.


  • Diorific Vernis Shock

    Sometimes there's nothing better than a luxurious gift. This deep colour from Dior is the perfect Christmas colour and will last all year round.


  • Hendrick's Cucumber House Gift

    Like gin? Like gardening? Then we've found the perfect present. This cucumber hothouse gift comes with two mini bottles of Hendrick's gin and also some cucumber seeds to grow your own. 


  • Pantone vintage blue

    A must-have for any design conscious giftee, these Pantone mugs are always a winner in our books. 


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