Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Christmas gift guide 2014: what to buy for your dad

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Unlike a partner, brother or friend, Dads are the hardest men top shop for. They've reached a point in their lives when they have everything and want nothing except a good nap, meal and the company of their children.

Of course, he's going to get plenty of that over the Christmas period so what can you place under the tree that'll make the festive day even more special for him? That's where we come in. Whether he's a technology addict or has a fine appreciation for food, we've found 10 unique gifts to treat him with.

  • Craft beer club delivery

    Get eight small-batch, experimental brewery beers that your dad won't find at the supermarket delivered to his doorstep every month. They're sourced from around the UK by expert beer tasters and will be like nothing he's ever tried before.

    £24 per month,

  • 'Life in cars' print

    Take him down memory lane with this customised print of the cars he's owned over the years. Whether he's a car enthusiast or not, it's sure to jog many fond memories, from the vehicle he saved up for with his first pay check, to the car he drove you home in after you were born to the one he drives today. 


  • BOSE IE2 Headphones

    These headphones sit snugly in the ear, so no matter how much he moves around, they aren't going to fall out. Plus an enhanced acoustic design means the sound is smooth and natural (we bet he's not keen on bass?).


  • The book of Dad

    Celebrate your father in a book created just for him. The Book of Everyone website creates custom tomes filled with artwork, personalised facts and fun statistics about your person of choice, using dates, facts and information you plug into the system. 

    £29.50 (hardcover),

  • Double shot thermal mug set

    This thermal mug has an in-built coffee press and space for storing coffee grounds, meaning he'll never be too far from his favourite cup of coffee. He can brew it whenever and wherever he wants. 


  • Hestra Hairsheep Wool Tricot Gloves

    Hestra is a Swedish-based family-owned company that have been masters in glove making since 1936. These wool-lined ones are a classic. 


  • Sushi making masterclass

    Give the gift of learning something new with this sushi making class. It's a great way to explore a difficult cuisine and the best part is, sushi is more about assembling and less about cooking. This course takes place in the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel's Ichi Sushi and Sashimi bar with breathtaking views of Big Ben. But if London doesn't work for your dad, why not find a cooking class local to him.


  • Acqua Di Parma collezione barbiere hatbox

    Quintessential Italian style is one that's hard to mimic. But this limited-edition shaving and grooming set from ancient Italian perfume brand Acqua Di Parma - which Old Hollywood stars came to love in the 1950s - will have your father feeling like a film star.


  • Smartphone Projector

    If your dad is always the one to pull out the family's old home videos, he'll love this gadget which allows you to project any image or film from your smartphone. The device also has to be assembled, making for a fun Christmas afternoon activity.


  • Human Universe coffee table book

    Blow your his mind with the facts in this book about the planet, human existence and outer space by the nation's favourite physicist professor Brian Cox. It's based on his groundbreaking series which aired on BBC last month. 


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