Copenhagen Fashion Week: autumn 2022 colour trend berry brights

Berry brights are set to be autumn’s juiciest – and most joyful – colour trend, according to Copenhagen Fashion Week

Goodbye, green! And see you later, yellow! This autumn’s biggest colour trend belongs to the juiciest and most joyful camp of berry brights. 

As the music began to ricochet throughout the disused distillery, and the models began to pound the concrete floor with a pulsating confidence, one thing became instantly clear at Baum und Pferdgarten’s Copenhagen Fashion Week show: reds, pinks, and whites have never looked quite so good.

The label’s autumn/winter 2022 collection, named Pursuing Polaris, nodded to its al fresco DNA. Insulating puffers and quilted salopettes made the case for fashion’s soon-to-be return to reds, a colour not seen, let alone championed, in the style sphere for years.

Copenhagen Fashion Week: autumn 2022 colour trend berry brights
Baum und Pferdgarten's autumn/winter 2022 collection was packed full of shades of popping reds, maroons and pinks.

While fashion has orbited around the axis of juicy apple greens and dopamine-inducing bursts of tangerine in recent seasons, the Danish capital’s collections indicated that there may well be a change in the air in the form of ripe berry brights.

Juicy raspberry pinks were interpreted into plisséd two-pieces at Rabens Saloner’s autumn/winter show, siren strawberry reds fought for centre stage at Baum und Pferdgarten’s offering, while riper, more mature cherry shades trickled into Ganni’s Bjork-inspired collection. “This season is all about high energy, channelling hope and optimism as the world opens up again and greeting it with confidence,” Ganni’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup, and high-priestess of berry brights, says of the collection.

Copenhagen Fashion Week: autumn 2022 colour trend berry brights
Ganni's autumn/winter 2022 collection was packed with berry brights.

Not for the faint of fashion heart, these shades aren’t always sweet; they’re often tart and sour and, stylistically speaking, this can make styling them difficult. In the same vein that the fashion cognoscenti has paved the way for colourblocking ripe shades of apple, lemon and tangerine, clash your berry brights together, too.

This autumn, relegate your overdone primary colours and embrace the berry bright spectrum. Pair shades of raspberry with cranberry and strawberry with plum and enjoy the sweetest fashion fruit cocktail of all. 

Raspberry pink

Copenhagen Fashion Week: autumn 2022 colour trend berry brights
Rabens Saloner weaved popping brights into its autumn/winter 2022 collection.

What goes around comes around, and while head-to-toe bursts of pink have been shunned by the style set for the past few years, it’s making its return to the fray in a suitably fashion-forward way.

If juxtaposing a popping pink shirt against warm and neutral washes of grey or black feels too outré, then embrace a head-to-toe pink two-piece in the same vein as Rabens Saloner fashion duo which, ironically, makes wearing colours easier. “If you’re nervous about wearing colour, opting for head-to-toe in the same colour actually makes it easier,” says Kay Barron, Net-a-Porter’s fashion director.

It’s unsurprising that the e-tailer has reported a 65% spike in sales of its pink pieces in the last couple of months. One look at the Copenhagen catwalks is enough to predict the destiny of pink. 

Cranberry red

Copenhagen Fashion Week: autumn 2022 colour trend berry brights
Clash crimson with more crimson à la Baum und Pferdgarten.

This is no time to be stylistically shy. After two years spent ensconced in the same elasticated waistband, it’s time to spread your fashion wings, and embracing ripe and juicy shades of cranberry red is the optimal way to do it.

Crafted from 53% more responsibly-sourced material, Baum und Pferdgarten’s autumn/winter 2022 show had fashion editors and street style stars alike hanging on the edge of their seats. Clashing utilitarian punchy crimson puffers with soft and billowing dresses and skirts in the same unapologetic hue asserted the colour’s return to the arena of desire.

Should bright bursts of scarlet be too eye-watering for your wardrobe’s tastes, then weave the hue into your arsenal via popping bags, hats and scarves. No longer cowering by the sidelines, this is the time for cranberry’s return.

Strawberries and cream

Copenhagen Fashion Week: autumn 2022 colour trend berry brights
Should bright bursts of berry shades be too much for you, weave them into an otherwise pastel outfit for a more muted approach.

Socks and sandals are undeniably back en vogue (don’t shoot the messenger), and were being proffered by all manner of brands in white and red colourways. The takeaway? For when berry brights themselves are too tart for your tastes, look instead to embracing strawberry and cream, which is to say, merging reds with creams and whites.

Pale and barely-there pinks were paired with punchy shades of Pepto Bismol on the streets outside of the shows, while shades of covetable cream were worn alongside ripe bursts of raspberry and watermelon. The takeaway was clear: berry brights aren’t necessarily for everybody, so add a splash of something saccharine to suit your tastes. 

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Images: courtesy of Baum und Pferdgarten and Getty.