Luxurious loungewear to keep your head in the game while you're working from home

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Luxurious loungewear is the only thing we want to wear right now. Upgrade your stay-at-home style with the cosy and colourful separates that are as snug as they are stylish. 

Luxurious loungewear might sound like an indulgence, but while we’re staying in, we’re getting serious about upgrading our sofa-style. 

If you’re looking to ease your anxiety and boost your mood while staying at home, there are certain tricks that we can all turn to. Whether it’s arranging Friday night drinks via Houseparty or baking that 8th loaf of banana bread, we all have our own simple ways to self-soothe. Another way to immediately put a little spring back in your step? Dressing in clothes that feel comforting and snug, but are stylish enough that we don’t feel a million miles away from our ordinary selves. 

Creating a dedicated place to work within your home is crucial to maintaining a sense of normalcy, and so is choosing a working from home outfit that creates a boundary between your personal life and your work life.

Your favourite pair of pyjamas might feel like a comforting option, but keeping your head in the game is hard enough when you’re working from your dining table – let alone when you add wearing a pair of well-worn tartan pjs into the mix. Getting fully dressed in your regular office attire is an option, but sitting on the sofa in suiting feels more like a comedy sketch in the making than a productivity-boosting ensemble. 

Still searching for the perfect staying-in-in outfit? Whether you’re looking for an ultra-soft sweater that is still smart enough to wear on a Zoom call or brightly coloured joggers that will boost your mood, we’ve found the cosiest joggers, hoodies and sweaters to buy now. 

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