Minnie Mouse fans, you will love this denim Disney collaboration

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As much as we’d love to, dressing as our favourite Disney characters may be considered a teensy bit over the top for everyday attire. But thanks to a new collection by Disney and denim brand SIWY, you can don a bit of Disney magic even if you’re not going to a Halloween party.

The range is available to buy on the brand’s official retail website, Shop Disney, which sells an enchanting selection of clothes, accessories, toys and home ware – basically everything your Disney-hungry heart could ever want.

The four-piece collection so far features two styles of jeans, a very cute pair of denim shorts and a jacket, all of which are embellished with the Queen and King of Disney themselves, Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

And if you haven’t heard of SIWY before, then prepare to fall in love. Made and run in Los Angeles, the brands playful, creative and unique vibe make them an obvious choice for the collaboration.

If you do want to invest in an exclusive piece from the line though, prepare to pay a pretty penny. Prices start at $169.95 (£127) and go all the way up to $399.95 (£298), so it could  be mainly hardcore Disney fans dipping into their purses to bag themselves some of the sartorial action.

But despite the slight hurdle of cost and shipping, we reckon the range is bound to be a huge hit if any of the other Disney clothing or accessory collaborations are anything to go by – we all remember the mass hysteria that the Beauty and the Beast Chip purse caused, don’t we?

Here’s the four pieces in all their glory for those of you who just can’t another minute to check them out.

Minnie Mouse Embroidered Denim Jacket by SIWY

We know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but does this boyfriend-fit denim jacket not just magically capture the balance of being cool and cute at the same time? The over-sized shape stops the intricate all-over Minnie Mouse embroidery feeling too twee, and we can see ourselves throwing it over everything from a t-shirt and jeans to dressing down a statement dress.

Buy it here; $399 (£297),

Minnie Mouse Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans by SIWY

So we know we said the jacket was our favourite piece, but have you seen these straight leg jeans? We are hook, line, sinker for these boyfriend fit must-haves and are seriously considering our options for getting our hands on everything in the range.

SIWY reckon the vintage inspiration behind this piece give them a classic feel, which we think is complimented by the elaborate Minnie Mouse motifs.

Buy it here; $299 (£222),

Mickey Mouse Tuxedo-Stripe Skinny Jeans by SIWY

These light-coloured denim, high-waited jeans have a retro crop and skinny fit, which as the site describes, gives them a ‘sport’ feel. They feature a red and white tuxedo stripe on the outer side of each leg, which are of course the signature colours of Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

A classic Mickey Mouse drawing sits on the top, right leg pocket, followed up by that cheeky little mouse’s name written across the back pocket.

Buy it here; $239.95 (£178), 

Mickey Mouse Denim Shorts by SIWY

Everyone needs a pair of vintage-style, bleach-denim, high-waisted shorts and these could just be the ones for us. As SIWY say, the “rolled cuffs and classic Mickey art give these a casual, retro vibe” and we couldn’t agree more. 

Buy it here; $169 (£125),


Not only are we huge fans of Disney, but we’ll be taking a closer look at SIWY from now on too. Now, time to calculate a game-plan on how exactly we’re going to afford all of these new additions to our wardrobe…

Images: SIWY / Disney


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