5 pieces of clothing that make us feel good and why

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These are the wardrobe essentials that Stylist staffers simply can’t live without…

When it comes to selecting an outfit for the day ahead, we all have our go-to pieces for when we want to feel a certain way.

Whether it’s a chunky knit that makes you feel particularly cosy, or the statement heels that have you walking with an added sense of purpose, clothing choices can have a big impact on how you feel about the day ahead.

With that in mind, we spoke to some of our Stylist colleagues to find out which items of clothing they reach for when they’re searching for confidence, comfort or just an extra bit of reassurance.

Here’s what they chose…

1. The smart blazer

If I ever want to feel more capable and confident, particularly in a work context, I reach for a blazer.

I think there’s definitely something to be said for dressing the part, because whenever I wear one, I immediately feel more professional.

I’ve got a black velvet one that always makes me feel like a total boss, so it’s an especially good pick if I’ve got an important meeting or a tricky Zoom call on the horizon.

It’s such a good confidence-booster, particularly if I’m not feeling very sure of myself.

Hannah Crawford, Art Editor

2. The chunky jumper

The days when a chunky jumper was only for fishermen and Christmas Day are happily retired.

Not only is a chunky knit now a style staple, there’s something about throwing one on when everything seems a bit blah that makes me feel instantly comforted.

I have an extra-cosy one I picked up from Tu clothing that’s been my go-to on grey days for ages now.

Sure, I might have looming work deadlines, lockdown blues and be on the final episode of my favourite Netflix show, but I’m also swaddled in a big, knitted hug.

Amy Davidson, Digital Commercial Editor

3. The high-waisted trouser

I love wearing my high-waisted jeans because they remind me there is no such thing as dressing for your shape.

When I first bought a pair, they turned out to be way more flattering and comfortable than I’d expected when I saw them on the hanger – so much so that they’re now my go-to style.

I think everybody can have moments when they feel self-conscious about their appearance, so if I’m ever having a bit of a wobble, these are the trousers I reach for to put those insecurities to bed.

Whether I’m tucking in my favourite cashmere jumper, or trying to balance out the shoulder puffs of an overly-adventurous blouse, my favourite high-risers are the default denim I reach for when I want to look and feel my best.

Lydia Titman, Senior Creative Strategist

4. The statement coat

If lockdown taught me one thing, it was how important it was to be outside.

I own a ridiculous number of jackets – denims, sports cagoules, camo shackets, you name it – but my heart belongs to the bigger, bolder cover-ups that come into their own as the temperature plummets.

A statement coat (I own several, including a long black wool number that taps into my penchant for all things Dickensian) is the basis of every winter wardrobe, and now we’re spending more time rambling about in nature, it pays to invest in something a bit extra.

My favourite coat has to be my bright red puffa – it’s super warm, the punchy colour always lifts my mood and it elevates even the drabbest of legging/trainer combos.

Amie-Jo Locke, Commercial Editor

5. The loose-fitting dress

Single-item outfits are definitely my wardrobe heroes.

The maxi dress, with its throw-on style and ankle-gazing hemline, enables me to make a statement with no effort required.

It’s a look I’m particularly fond of, but more importantly, the loose silhouette ensures I feel comfortable all day.

I can be on shoots for hours on end, so  wearing something that’s easy to work in is a must - loose-fitting dresses are always my first choice.

They make me feel put-together without compromising on comfort. Win-win.

Rosanna Cole, Video Producer Director

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