Erdem x Universal Standard

Erdem x Universal Standard is a collaboration for everybody to get involved in

British designer Erdem and pioneering brand Universal Standard have teamed up for the most size-inclusive collaboration to date. 

The fight to find stylish plus-size clothes is still very real, and one that I know all too well. I have never experienced walking into a shop and buying a piece of clothing without having to worry about the sizing. There are few brands that cater to a size-inclusive audience, and even fewer that do it well. Which means my wardrobe is limited to a small number of brands that dare to include me in their consideration. 

Instead of simply extending the straight sized collection of fashion-forward, highly coveted pieces, brands will offer extended sizes with a wildly different aesthetic to their main line. An aesthetic that is often undesirable, frumpy, boring and ill-considered. 

Which is why Erdem x Universal Standard isn’t just a breath of fresh, sartorial air, it’s a ground-breaking moment for the industry and shoppers alike.

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In case you missed it, Universal Standard is the US-based label that gets size-inclusivity and representation right. (Other brands, take note). Founded by Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman, it stocks US sizes 00-40 (UK 4-44), with no compromise on style. The offering is a series of wardrobe basics: denim crafted with fit in mind, athleisure, casual dresses, tailoring – a capsule collection of wardrobe staples. Universal Standard’s unwavering commitment to every body shape was mobilised in the brand’s initiative: Fit Liberty

If your size changes within a year of purchasing an item, Universal Standard will replace it with your new size, for free, allowing consumers to change sizes without fear, anxiety or added expense while the swapped pieces make their way to the charities First Step and Dress For Success. 

Erdem x Universal Standard denim jumpsuits
Give your denim a shake up in Erdem x Universal Standard

Today, Universal Standard launch its collaboration with British designer, Erdem. Earlier this year, Erdem, known for his stunning, hyper-feminine, red-carpet-moment masterpieces, announced that he was extending his own line up to a UK size 22. One of the only luxury British brands to offer diverse sizing, he has now taken a leap further in creating an accessibly priced collection (starting from £108.99) for a range of sizes. 

“For my pre-spring/summer 2021 collection I extended my size offering to a UK 22,” he says. “This is something that I will continue with every collection moving forward and is very important to me. Extended sizing is something I had wanted to do for a long time and when I met Universal Standard last year our ideas aligned.”

The seven-piece collection brings into focus Erdem’s pretty aesthetic: shirts in ditsy florals with playful ruffles. It also explores denim, a relatively new direction for the designer who previously focussed on luxurious fabrics, by way of wide-leg pieces, slimline fits and a jumpsuit.

“The industry so far has been slow to adapt to a broader range of sizing for different body types, and although I do think there’s been a positive shift in fashion celebrating different sizes and shapes recently, much more than there has been in the past, we still have a lot to do,” says Erdem. For many British women, this will be the first time they see themselves reflected in designer clothing and that is certainly worth celebrating.

Shop every piece from the Erdem x Universal Standard collection here. 

Images: Courtesy of Erdem x Universal Standard