Exciting, bold and fashion-forward: Beth Ditto's new plus-size clothing line is finally here

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The Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has always kept the fashion world enthralled, whether on the stage, walking runways, or gracing magazine covers.

But her sartorial style has sometimes arisen from sheer neccessity, having to get creative when both the high street and high-end designers have failed to meet the needs of women over a certain size.

Now Ditto, who turns 35 this week, has released her own clothing line featuring leggings, jumpsuits, tops and dresses in US sizes 14-28 (UK 18-32).

The star explains: “Like most girls over a size 14, I’m no stranger to getting creative with off-the-rack clothes. As a teen I combed thrift shops for cool pieces that could be cut, stretched, altered, or reimagined to fit my body […]

“Later I was lucky enough to be dressed by designers for the red carpet, but the high jinks continued: a tablecloth made into a dress at a Rolling Stone performance, a Westwood dress worn upside down.

“Stylists bringing nothing but sheets to drape me in, designers sending oversize pieces meant for thin people with armholes sized for a zero. Where are the fashionable clothes for fat girls that aren’t designer one-offs? Where are the subtle and chic wardrobe staples, where are the crazy statement pieces?”

Ditto's collection includes striking prints, fashion-forward jumpsuits and a t-shirt designed in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier.

There are 21 pieces in total available on her website, while Selfridges will be stocking 12 pieces from this week.

Take a look at our top 10 picks in the gallery below.

Please note: prices for website-only pieces are in US dollars (UK shipping is available) while pieces available in Selfridges are in GBP

  • Summerweight Legging (Eat Your Make-Up)

    £95, available in Selfridges


  • Young Americans Jacket

    £250, available in Selfridges


  • Modern Love Jumpsuit (Liquid Black)

    £210, available in Selfridges


  • Modern Love Jumpsuit (Times Square)

    $395 (approx. £276),


  • Corset Tee

    $120 (approx. £83),


  • Double Bubble Dress (Eat Your Make-Up)

    £260, available in Selfridges


  • Lola Dress (Dove Gray)

    £200, available in Selfridges


  • Lola Skirt (Noir)

    £130, available in Selfridges


  • Nina Dress (Crème)

    £240, available in Selfridges


  • Lola Skirt (Lipstick Traces)

    £160, available in Selfridges



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