Fashion Hits of Old Hollywood

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There are fashion moments in movie history that have affected the style and trends long after their movie titles and costume designers have been forgotten.

From Greta Garbo's masculine jackets, to Katherine Hepburn's trousers, here are old Hollywood's biggest and most influential fashion hits.

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  • Joan Crawford, 'Mildred Pierce'

    Joan and her signature shoulder pads...

  • Marilyn Monroe , 'The Seven Year Itch'

    Marilyn in what is perhaps one of the most iconic fashion moments in film of all time.

  • Vivien Leigh, 'Gone With The Wind'

    Vivien's dresses in this film are absolutely stunning. (Not to mention big.)

  • Rita Hayworth, 'Gilda'

    One of many slinky dresses and gowns Hayworth wears in the 1946 classic.

  • Grace Kelly, 'Rear Window'

    Grace Kelly's typically feminine wardrobe in this film is absolutely to die for.

  • Dorothy Sebastian, Joan Crawford, and Anita Page, 'Our Dancing Daughters'

    This film captures the style and the energy of the 1920s like no other - just look at the girls' flapper dresses!

  • Katharine Hepburn, 'Woman of the Year'

    This film has so many memorable, and typically Katherine looks. From smoking jackets to pantsuits, Woman of the Year is one of Katharine Hepburn's most fashionable films.

  • Jean Harlow, 'Dinner at Eight'

    Jean Harlow's platinum waves in this film are still fashionable today. (Although no easier to recreate, sadly...)

  • Judy Garland, 'The Wizard of Oz'

    From ruby slippers to a "dress that matches her eyes", Garland in Oz is absolutely stunning.

  • Louise Brooks, 'Pandora's Box'

    The imagery and fashion of this silent film went on to inspire film noir.

  • Bette Davis, 'Now Voyager'

    Talk about a strong look, eh? Davis' wardrobe in this film tells a story, and this outfit was a perfect example of her character's transformation and constant power play with her mother.

  • Grace Kelly, 'To Catch a Thief'

    Grace is stunning in this film, and her wardrobe that was created for the film by Edith Head is absolutely timeless.

  • Audrey Hepburn, 'Funny Face'

    Two words: Cigarette pants.

  • Marlene Dietrech, "Morocco"

    In Morocco, Marlene shocked audiences by wearing a tuxedo. (A woman! In a tux!) Even better, she sings and seduces two men while wearing her tailored tux.

  • Kay Francis, 'Stolen Holiday'

    Kay's plunging necklines in this film are still incredibly fashionable, and you can stop by any Topshop and pick yourself up a glamorous turban today.

  • Veronica Lake, 'This Gun For Hire'

    Veronica Lake's signature, sultry waves and floor-length gowns with plunging necklines make This Gun For Hire a fashionable feast for the eyes.

  • Brigette Bardot, '...And God Created Woman'

    This is the film that made Bardot a star. It's not necessarily the clothes that are sexy, but the way that she wears them - this skirt, for example, is almost completely unbuttoned down the front so she can dance.

  • Marilyn Monroe, 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes'

    This pink gown by Travilla is one of Marilyn's most memorable looks from her film career.

  • Lana Turner, 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'

    Lana Turner's wardrobe in this film was completely white, which goes against traditional symbolism as her character was a femme fatale, who you would normally expect to see in black.

  • Ava Gardner, 'The Barefoot Contessa'

    In this film Ava plays a gypsy dancer who is discovered by Hollywood, and then woos a Count. Her Sorelle Fontana wardrobe is fantastic, and she looks glamorous whether she's barefoot and dancing, or wearing an elaborate gown.

  • Lauren Bacall, 'To Have and Have Not'

    This was Bacall's first film, and you can see why she quickly became a fashion icon!

  • Marlene Dietech, 'Shanghai Express'

    Marlene's various looks in Shanghai Express are brilliant. This look in particular is reminiscent of her tux in Morocco.

  • Doris Day, 'Please Don't Eat The Daisies'

    Doris Day's wardrobe in this film is exceptional, and although Morton Haack is credited as designing her costumes, it's said that Day was the one in control of what she wore.

  • Ginger Rogers, 'Top Hat'

    This ostrich feather dress caused quite the kerfuffle with Fred Astaire and the production crew as every time Ginger moved, feathers would fly everywhere. The row led Astaire to give Ginger the new nickname of "Feathers".

  • Greta Garbo, 'A Woman of Affairs'

    Greta was known for wearing masculine jackets and hats, and her wardrobe in this film perfectly reflects her iconic style.

  • CAROLE LOMBARD, 'My Man Godfrey'

    Carole's costumes in this art deco film created by Travis Banton are truly gorgeous. Just look at this gown!

  • Claudette Colbert, 'It Happened One Night'

    Colbert's travelling outfit from It Happened One Night, with its peter pan collar and pencil skirt, is completely on trend today.

  • Elizabeth Taylor, 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'

    Helen Rose's costumes for Taylor in this film are stunning - right down to lingerie.

  • Ginger Rogers, 'Swing Time'

    Another magnificent gown from Ginger Rogers. When you think Ginger, you think this dress.

  • Ava Gardener, 'The Killers'

    Ava Gardner is the portrait of a femme fatale in this film. The dress! The gloves! The hair!