11 fashion predictions that will get you ahead of the curve in 2018

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Billie Bhatia
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The first full week at work is almost over and for a large percentage of us we would much rather be back on the sofa riding the Christmas cheeseboard high pretending that a new year has not begun. But it has! In celebration of all things new we bring you our 11 fashion predictions for 2018. With the Eighties and early Noughties as the biggest referenced eras on the catwalk, be prepared for some serious throwbacks (think the Versace supers finale). So leave the millennial pink of yesteryear behind and get ready for a fresh start.

1. Get Shorty

Dolce & Gabbana / Saint Laurent / Off-White

Initially Kim Kardashian West was to blame for the spike in skintight spandex but fashion’s most influential designers requisitioned the ‘bad Eighties aerobics memories’ trend too. Intricate lace versions were worn underneath voluminous mini dresses at Saint Laurent, just below-the-knee styles in denim khaki were seen at Chloé, and Naomi Campbell stormed the catwalk in the workwear version at Off-White. Loathe them we might, but there is no denying the high street is about to be inundated with this Eighties offering. Our tip? Wear underneath your billowing summer dress before a gust of wind catches you out.

2. Plastic Fantastic

Valentino / Chanel / Balenciaga

It was impossible to ignore the volume of plastic on the runway. From Chanel to Céline, Valentino and Jimmy Choo, the most out-there trend of 2018 is also the most divisive. With more viewers tuning in to Blue Planet II and seeing the devastating effect of plastic in the oceans, it seemed jarring that fashion had wholeheartedly embraced this as a new fabric. We are talking bags, boots, jackets, trousers and hats. The verdict is still out on plastic, but at least when the April showers hit we will be chicly sheltered.

3. Pantone Power

Victoria Beckham / Michael Kors / Erdem

While the official colour of 2018, according to Pantone, is Ultra Violet, fashion has adopted its more palatable cousin, lavender, as the shade du jour. Finally it’s time to let millennial pink fly (along with pink lattes, pink cupcakes and inflatable flamingos). The favoured hue from the heaps of pastels that flooded the runway, we recommend pairing your lavender with mint green. The combination is beyond fresh.

4. Bumming Around 

How bum bags are being worn on the street style circuit

The mini cross-body bag that has inundated your Instagram feed is being swapped out for an even more hands-free option. The bum bag, the fanny pack, the ultimate Nineties Disneyland tourist accessory is back. Quilted leather Miu Miu and Gucci versions will be on every street-styler come February, while the more daring will opt for bulkier styles and – for the ultimate in bum bag reform – they will be worn backwards.

5. U-G-L-Y

Louis Vuitton / Balenciaga 

This isn’t for the faint-hearted, you can’t kind of commit to an ugly shoe, you have to go full gross to ring in the style points on this one. Bulky dad trainers, platform crocs, elf shoes, gum boots and Velcro sandals: satirical though they may be, every big fashion house has an offering this season and wants you to get on board with their joke. Pair yours with an uber-feminine outfit if you dare to wear.

6. Fringing 2.0

Loewe / Calvin Klein 205W39NYC / Cline  

Fringing has had a bad rep for the past couple of years thanks to it being the texture of choice for desert revellers at Coachella, but for 2018 it’s having a new lease of life. Fringing is leaving its Wild West roots in favour of a new bohemian way of life – think luxury, weighty fringing swishing along the edges of your grown-up dress, thick leather-tasselled bags and deconstructed trench coats (it’s a thing, promise).

7. Logomania

Gucci / Tommy Hilfiger / Supreme

With saves for ‘logos’ up a whopping 203% on Pinterest, the fashion iconography train is not slowing down. Versace, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger – the list goes on (and on, and on). Harking back to logo golden era, the best way to achieve peak labelling is to wear with pride. If you have spent money on your clothes, embrace it because everyone else is.

8. On Your Head

Marc Jacobs / Jacquemus / Christian Dior

It’s been a while since the accessories game shifted its love of bags to love of hats but we predict big beret business this year (merci Dior) as does Pinterest, which has seen saves for ‘berets’ up 296%. It’s not just berets that are in for the win, extra-wide-brimmed-staunchly-summer hats are sure to be making their way to a beach near you too. If you want a less expensive must-have accessory, this is all for you.

9. Take It To The Street

Adidas / Vetements / Supreme 

If you thought street wear was fading into the fashion abyss, you thought wrong. Street wear is bigger and better than ever before and has become one of the most important platforms for creativity and expression in the industry worldwide. Super street fans will still be clambering for Supreme, Palace, Champion and Vetements, but if you’re new to the street wear world, tap up Adidas’s new retro adicolour collection. “As with all of our classic styles, culture dictates their cycle and this felt like the right time to reignite the conversation. By tailoring some of the iconic shapes and highlighting the colours that represent elements of our heritage, we continue to celebrate and explore this timeless collection,” says Junsei Nakahama, Adidas’s vice president of product for apparel. 

10. Big Ears

Anissa Kermiche

Remember when it was all about teeny weeny earrings inconspicuously placed on a surprising part of the ear? Well, forget about that now. It’s all about big earrings. Big, huge. Note these are not the chandelier earrings of your Noughties club nights – these are smart, sculptured, beautifully crafted earrings. Think hammered metal with pearls, marble-swirled buttons and weighted gold hoops. Look to jewellery designer and earring hero Anissa Kermiche for the most chic offerings.

11. Sartorial Sequins

Halpern Studio / Gucci / Molly Goddard 

The heavy layers of 2017 have been shed and the layers that lie beneath for 2018 are full of glamorous joy: sequins, glitter and all-over sparkle. No longer reserved for a night out, sequins are hitting the mainframe of daytime dressing. We put this down to new designer of the moment, Halpern Studio, flooding his catwalk with sequinned bell bottoms, shift dresses and, well, a lot of happiness. You heard it here first, Studio 54 is alive and well.