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Dress to de-stress? The high-tech accessories designed to help manage anxiety

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Wearable tech is moving on from fitness to wellbeing.

While most designers focus on crafting clothes as objects of beauty and dip into history for their influences, Hussein Chalayan is a future-focussed conceptual designer renowned for his bold fusions of fashion and technology on the runway. 

At Paris Fashion Week, his spring/summer '17 collection featured fashion accessories for monitoring stress. Models took to the runway in belt and shades combos that tracks brainwaves, heart rate and breathing to show wearers when their stress levels are too high.

The British designer said the "Stiff Upper Lip" collection was "inspired by the use of technology to express emotion in modern society."

As well as showing that wearable tech can be about more than just fitness tracking, he said that the accessories - created in a collaboration with Intel - are designed to improve awareness and pro-active management of everyday stress.

Sensors in the glasses monitor biometric data that is transmitted to the belts and processed into readable measurements. During the show the information was beamed from the belt onto a wall, showing the models' real-time stress levels as they walked.

The pieces will be on display at the London Design Museum’s Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World exhibition, which begins in November. 

Last year Chalayan wowed Fashion Week with macs that dissolved under water to unveil Swaroski-studded gowns:

Chalayan spring/summer '17

Paris Fashion Week street style


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