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These are the hats, hairbands and scarves bossing New York street style

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Anna Pollitt
Bucket hat spotted at NYFW

Heads up: the bucket is (still) back.

New York, the first of the “big four” Fashion Week cities and tone-setter for a month of pavement peacocking has begun under drizzly skies – providing a convenient opportunity for a lesson in stylish headwear.

Editors, bloggers, models and those ubiquitous influencers are handling downpours in a hat, scarf or headband - the latter providing minimal coverage but maximum trend points.

Seasonal bucket hats

Bucket hat spotted at NYFW

For some, the Nineties bucket hat evokes memories of hot summer days, muddy music festivals and Liam Gallagher strutting around in a baby blue Kangol at the height of Oasis mania. But last year’s comeback is holding tight through the colder months.

Bucket hat spotted at NYFW

 Tamu McPherson in a Prada bucket hat during NYFW

Autumn colours and textures including leather, patent and corduroy are the styles to watch out for.

Rebecca Laurey at NYFW

Rebecca Laurey at NYFW

Some are braver than others…

Bucket hat spotted at NYFW

Offbeat headscarves

Whether it’s a Gucci floral square reminiscent of Grace Kelly or a Max Mara black leopard print hijab, headscarves have shown up at big name shows for the past few seasons.

Red neck wrap headscarf spotted at NYFW

The Fifties favourite - square silk, knotted under the chin - is shedding its musty image on the shoulders of fashion’s most influential hot shots.

Knotted headscarf worn at NYFW

Chloe King wears a yellow silk headscarf at NYFW

Not sure it’s for you? Take a tentative approach, like this street styler:

Printed headscarf spotted at NYFW

Tastemaker Mademoiselle Meme is known for flawlessly pairing her trademark printed hijabs with her outfits, a la this animal print scarf with belted, quilted coat:

Mademoiselle Meme in an animal print headscarf spotted at NYFW

Mademoiselle Meme at NYFW

Regal headbands

Velvet headband spotted at NYFW

Leonie Hanne at NYFW

While necklaces and bracelets feel kind of “over” the headband continues its rise up the accessory food chain. Chunky, oversize, padded and luxurious, these early Nighties signifiers of refinement have had a fierce makeover for the streets.

Pearl headband spotted at NYFW

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Black headband spotted at NYFW

Courtney Trop, aka Always Judging, at NYFW

Classic beanies

Xenia Adonts in a red bobble hat spotted at NYFW

Xenia Adonts at NYFW

It’s difficult to foresee a time when the versatile beanie will fall out of favour. It may get swapped out for less humble headgear on occasion but there’s always a place in fashion’s heart for the cool and flattering classic.

Pair it with a check co-cord, like Danielle Bernstein, for a fresh take on tailoring.

Danielle Bernstein in a black bobble hat spotted at NYFW

Danielle Bernstein in a black bobble hat at NYFW

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