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Watch the impressive way this model falls at NYFW

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Anna Pollitt
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While we're loathe to go all You've Been Framed, there is something quite compelling about a model stumble.

As long as clothes horses teeter down runways in shoes that probably aren't even their size, there will always be the odd slip.

And they will always be unexpected and spectacular.

New York Fashion Week opened with the VFiles show, where one model took an impressive treble-tumble, courtesy of her shaggy David Ferreira heels.

Uncertainty flickers across her face as she stomps down the catwalk, before her heel wobbles and it's practically game over.

She falls, but her fingertips hit the floor for about two seconds before she launches herself back into pose position. Just when it appears that she has managed to pull it back - a few steps later she is bent double again, removing the offending articles

All the while her colleagues are waiting patiently in a Stepford Wife-esque line behind her, pretending the nightmare isn't happening:

She's not the only model to hit the floor on the runway - take a look at gallery of Supermodel Stumbles

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