Big festive jewellery and where to buy: necklaces, earrings and rings

Festive jewellery: why big and bold bling is very much in this winter

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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but in their place this winter is big and bold jewellery that takes XXL to a whole new level.

It’s (nearly) Chriiiiiiistmas, which means that it’s (also nearly) time to deck the halls and adorn ourselves accordingly in all manner of festive fashions.

For there’s no time like the holidays to go bigger and bolder than ever before, in terms of colour, texture and, of course, accessories, which are the icing on top of the (Christmas) cake.

An outfit without accessories, particularly during the party-packed month of December, is an outfit that’s akin to being naked. It’s tantamount to buying a tree and leaving it bare, without any of the trimmings that make it sing in its little corner.  

But rather than relying on your sturdy arsenal of silver and gold bling, which suffices during the year generally but is simply not statement-making enough for the most statement-worthy months, there is a trio of blingy trends that have emerged just in time for party season.

This is the holy trifecta of jewellery: three OTT, XXL rings, necklaces and earrings that are the sartorial baubles, tinsel and fairy lights to your festive fashion. These are the pieces that add that finishing *chef’s kiss* touch, which will have the world and its dog cooing over where they’re from.

In case you were on the fence about embracing this love-in with OTT bling, Google has noted that in the last month alone, searches for ‘chaotic jewellery’ have surged by 3,950%. And trust us: it doesn’t get more chaotic than this threesome. The only thing to remember is that when in doubt, just add more. This isn’t a trend for the faint of fashion heart, so be prepared to go big or go home. 

Cocktail rings 

Big festive jewellery and where to buy: necklaces, earrings and rings
Harris Reed's debut jewellery collection with Missoma is brimming with statement-making necklaces.

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In news that will surprise nobody, the style set’s summer love-in with XXL plastic rings has graduated to big and bold knuckle duster-esque cocktail rings – just in time for the festive season. The sort that one might dub a ‘Bobby-dazzler’.

But far from being bank-breakingly expensive, these cocktail rings go easy on your wallet and hard on elevating an outfit. Missoma’s recent collaboration with Harris Reed featured a labradorite cocktail ring, which proved one of the collection’s most popular pieces. While footwear favourite Kurt Geiger’s first foray into jewellery this week features a line-up of kaleidoscopic cocktail rings, among a clutch of other in-your-face bling.  

These are knuckle-dusters that are loud, proud and crying out to be layered onto your fingers this festive season. Wear as many as you dare to on one hand for optimal effect.

Statement necklaces

Big festive jewellery and where to buy: necklaces, earrings and rings
Embrace XXL chunky chains, à la Susan Caplan.

Bigger really is better if fashion’s frisson with statement necklaces is anything to go by. Astrid and Miyu’s first designer collaboration, which the brand launched earlier this autumn, was with Susan Caplan, the purveyor of pre-loved jewellery. The collection featured all manner of upcycled, retro-inspired chunky chains, which Caplan, the UK’s leading vintage jewellery curator, meticulously ordered. While, following a string of endorsements from Bella Hadid, searches for Vivienne Westwood’s 90s orb necklace have spiked by 55% this year, according to Lyst.   

Statement necklaces are the finishing touch to an outfit that feels otherwise lacking in some way. Feel like a frump wearing a jumper and your favourite jeans to after-work drinks? Then loop a statement necklace over your neck. Does your outfit feel a bit too gauche to be wearing at this time of year? Chances are that you’re in need of a statement necklace. These are the retro, more-is-never-enough chains that are simply crying out to crown your chests this festive season. And really, it’d be rude to deny them that. 

XXL earrings

Big festive jewellery and where to buy: necklaces, earrings and rings
Big and bold jewellery has never been more en vogue.

As it pertains to everyday earrings, we can all too often fall into the trap of wearing the same pairs on a loop. Too dark are the mornings, too foggy are our heads to worry about what to puncture our ears with. But there is another way – an arguably better way – of adding the equivalent of sartorial jazz hands to an outfit.

Larger-than-life earrings – the sort popularised by Pat Butcher, which you once may have assumed were for fancy dress and fancy dress only – are back at the top of the fashion menu. After a year of being decidedly unglamorous, stationed firmly in swaddling sweats, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we’re craving a touch of glitz and glamour in the form of our ear jewellery.

The best part about these souped-up outré earrings lies in their ability to lend an all-too-often helping hand to tired outfits. Whether you prefer high-octane glitz or big and bold hoops (the bigger, the better), there’s a flashy earring style for everybody, one that will both elevate and give cause for celebration.

After all, if you can’t get away with wearing your biggest and most outlandish jewellery alongside your boldest and most outlandish fashions, then really when can you? 

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