The 50 most iconic fashion and beauty moments in Friends

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January was made for TV binges. Whether you’re off the booze for a month, so skint even your overdraft has an overdraft or you just can’t face going out in minus temps and howling winds, it’s a safe bet that you and your sofa are inseparable for the next few months. Praise be then for Netflix ,who in an act straight from the gods of hangovers, put every single series of Friends on their site on the 1st January.

Relive the quick wit, in-jokes and will they/won’t they story lines that and take a look at how over its 10 year run, Friends had a huge impact on how the women of Britain looked.

From the ‘Rachel’ hair-do to a revived love of denim shirts and dungarees - Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay and Monica Geller became style icons for a generation of young women.

Granted, there were some dodgy fashion moments in there. But watching old re-runs of the programme is a reminder of just how influential the show’s styling was in trends at the time.

Here, we give you the 50 most iconic fashion and beauty moments in Friends. Don’t deny it - there’s a look or two in here you re-created at home. We promise you’re not alone!

  • In the beginning, there were three

    The first episode of Friends aired in 1994, introducing Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courtney Cox as Monica Geller and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay to our screens

  • There was 'Girl next door' Rachel

    Whose love of a sleeveless denim shirt set hearts aflutter

  • 'Mother of the group', Monica

    Whose style was classic and elegant

  • And their 'quirky' friend Phoebe

    Who loved mismatching prints and plenty of colour

  • Rachel's love of denim wasn't limited to shirts

    And this sweet look, in which she pared a classic dungaree with a fitted white t-shirt, created a classic all-American sweetheart look

  • Dungarees again

    But why would you ever stop wearing them when you look THAT good in them?

  • Classic Rachel

    While here she throws a fitted jacket over the top, and pairs with white sneakers, to pull of the classic Rachel look. And yes we did spend hours in our bedrooms trying to cut out dungarees off like this, and we bet you did too

  • Monica's style took a little more time to develop

    Though her glossy, heavy fringed, layered bob sparked many a imitation

  • While Phoebe's waistcoast worship contributed to her being dubbed 'the kooky one'

    But her eclectic taste in fashion felt right on trend in the early 90s

  • Vintage sweaters

    Rachel's sleek bob was another hairstyle that set off a worldwide trend. But fans also loved her classic style which often saw her pair vintage - unfitted - pieces, like this sweater, with a more feminine skirt or dress

  • And again

    Seriously, that girl really knew how to work a sweater...

  • Style queen Rachel even rocked an apron

    Note the 15 denier tights, another late 90's trend (though one we'd rather forget)

  • While Monica reminded us of the power of a great cardi!

    Monica (and Rachel) loved to wear a fitted cardigan over most outfits, be that a strapless dress or a jean and t pairing. Cue teenage girls rocking the 'glam cardi' (as opposed to the gran cardi!) across the throughout summer of 98.

  • More cardi love

    Even Phoebe got in on the action

  • Cardi meets cutesy

    The perfect Phoebe outfit

  • Practical Monica also loved a good scarf

    Thin, long scarves - a bit like ties - remember them? You can thank Monica Geller for that particular trend too - she wore a LOT of them, no matter the time of year

  • See, she LOVED them

    Another scarf/tie affair - this time matchy matchy!

  • Could she BE any cuter?

    Monica gave great jumper, here she manages to make a turtleneck look fashion forward - no doubt giving knitwear sales at M&S a massive boost

  • Monica's statement hair

    And once she ditched the fringe, Monica's hair became as coveted as Rachel's

  • A fashion pioneer

    Thanks to her ever-changing hairstyles during the early series and her love of colour, Phoebe was a fashion inspiration for many a bold palette loving teen girl

  • Spot the statement jewellery

    Long before Beyonce was rocking statement jewellery, there was Phoebe Buffay

  • She loved it!

  • 'The Phoebe'

    And her classic half-updo was another look copied by many a teen girl

  • Then there were the fashion disasters...

    This hideous pink affair was forced upon Rachel when her best friend married her ex-fiancé Barry and the lucky girl got the be bridesmaid!

  • Oh what a night!

    We will put this monstrous fashion choice down to the hormones of youth, and the questionable influence of 80's fashion

  • This too

  • But there's no excuse for this one

    We shall move swiftly on

  • Then there was THAT hair disaster

    Poor Monica was forced into a bad cornrow experience after her hair responded very badly to humidity while on holiday

  • The before shot

    For those who needed reminding (or just a good laugh)

  • Dancing Queen

    Not strictly a fashion or beauty moment, we couldn't deny you this awesome shot of Monica mid dance-off with brother Ross (Ed's note: seriously go and watch the whole thing NOW)

  • The one where Monica wore a LOT of polyester

    This flashback shot, to Monica's young and more substantial years, gave us a glimpse of a young Miss Gellar in all her glory

  • Rachel's plaid shirt

    This mid cropped plaid shirt, that Rachel works in the launderette before later sharing her first kiss with Ross, was another staple look for the character

  • Phoebe gets in check

    While Phoebe's fashion went a bit leftfield in a scene where she her ex-husband reveals he was no longer gay (she'd married him when she thought he was gay. It's complicated)

  • The arrival of the quilt

    While there's one frontrunner in terms of 90's on screen appearances of the kilt (hello Cher Horowitz) this scene also helped confirm a cute, short kilt was THE fashion item of the decade

  • Loungewear lovers

    Obviously Phoebe sleeps in a massive striped onesie, while Monica dons a simple, black silk two piece PJ set. Note, Phoebe's awesome top knot

  • The Wedding looks

    Before Kate Middleton and before Kate Moss, there were three wedding looks that the world cared about

  • Rachel's look

    Rachel never did say the big 'I do' but she did make it to the aisle in a very big white dress. This is the first time we see her on the show, resplendent in white having run away from fiancé Barry because of pre-wedding jitters

  • Monica's big day

    Monica attempted to get her dress from a knock-off store but had to relinquish the gown after another woman who wanted it blackmails her by booking her wedding band. Regardless, she looked stunning in her second choice white dress.

  • Phoebe in white

    Phoebe, too, stunned and surprised by opting for a simple and elegant white gown and veil

  • The pigtail years

    While Rachel's famous bob was the real trendsetter, this look was also much copied

  • Monica kept her pigtails loose and soft

  • While Phoebe's sweet tails were also all the rage

  • The girls didn't mind a bit of dress up

    Here's Monica in a sexy all-in-one catsuit

  • Rachel as Princess Leia

    Making many a teenage boys fantasy a reality

  • Phoebe's brilliant impression of Leia

    Not quite as sexy but just as amusing

  • Phoebe's starring moment

    One of Phoebe's best sartorial moments, in the video for her single 'Smelly Cat'. Seriously, forget Lady Gaga, this is how music videos should be

  • And Phoebe in full seduction mode

    After being challenged to seduce Chandler to make him finally admit to his relationship with Monica

  • Monica's big moment

    And who can forgot Monica's stint as a waitress at the Moondance Diner where she has to wear a wig, rollerskates and fake breasts

  • Rachel's seduction routine

    'Dressing up', in the adult sense of the term, here's Rachel in full sex kitten mode after heading for a night of passion with Josh only to be met at the house by his parents

  • Here ends our iconic moments

    As every fashion loving woman knows, the most important accessory of all is a great set of friends. Here's Rachel, Monica and Phoebe celebrating just that fact

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