Does this sneaky fashion detail betray a huge Game of Thrones spoiler?

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Heads-up: this article contains spoilers for the seventh season of Game of Thrones, so stop right here if you’re not up to date with the HBO show. You have been warned.

Like the rest of the world, or at least the Game of Thrones fans in it, we are still reeling from the season seven finale which was the satisfying series climax we’d all been longing for (in more ways than one). 

It feels like the final pulled together narrative arcs that viewers had been waiting years to watch play out. The epic meeting of so many favourite characters in the dragon pit, a scandalous but unsurprising betrayal from Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister’s much longer for epiphany that he was on the wrong side, a bittersweet and long awaited discovery of inner strength for Theon Greyjoy, the ultimate revenge scene from the Stark sisters and then there was that sex scene. 

And, as if that wasn’t enough excitement packed into one episode, we watched the Night King ride reanimated ice dragon Viserion in a terrifying attack on the wall which, unsurprisingly, came down pretty quickly in the face of that blue fire.

The Night King, the silent villain of Game of Thrones who is now leading his army of the dead in the direction if the North, has been the subject of much speculation and fans have become convinced that his connection to Bran “The Three-Eyed Raven” Stark is something of concern.


The pair have, for a long time now, seemed to be hyper-aware of one another’s comings and goings. And fans have certainly picked up on the fact that the Night King always knows when Bran is warging nearby: his eyes will scan the sky and immediately identify which of a flock of ravens Bran is sheltering inside.

And now it’s been pointed out that the pair are basically wearing the same outfit, too.

Who wore it better, eh?

Joking aside, this sneaky fashion detail could confirm a huge fan theory that’s been circling on Reddit for ages now: Bran is the Night King. They are one and the same. And everything we thought we knew about time does not exist.

As turm0il26 theorises, Bran will most likely attempt to travel back in time (as we saw him do with the younger Hodor) to try and stop the Night King and the White Walkers from ever setting foot in Westeros. To, in short, rewrite history.

Which is always a bad idea, as anyone who’s seen Back to the Future will know.

“The first time he travels back in time, Bran tries to prepare the Mad King for the White Walkers and whispers to him to prepare wildfire under King's Landing, where they will later attack,” says turm0il26. “But Bran fails in his task, instead causing the Mad King to go crazy from the whispers (“burn them all”) and attempt to burn the city to the ground.”

The savvy GoT viewer continues to explain that Bran will later, in an act of desperation, travel all the way back to that fateful moment the Night King was created.

Bran, at this point, fully intends on warging into the human that the Children of the Forest are sacrificing. Unfortunately, though, it all goes wrong. The green-skinned people recognise Bran from the future and fearfully gag him and tie him down to the rocks.

“When he realises that he’s failed again, Bran tries to warg back into the current timeline, but he can't because he’s too deep into the past and stayed too long (remember the line, ‘it is beautiful beneath the sea, stay too long and you drown’?).”

Bran gets a nasty dose of dragonglass straight to the heart and gets stuck in the past – just as Brynden and Jojen always warned him that he would – and he becomes the Night King.

“Immortal as he is, Bran waits for himself to be born thousands of years later,” adds the redditor. “He knows when and where he has to be to mark the young Bran, to personally kill Brynden Rivers for hiding the truth, and, eventually, to be able to destroy the Wall with a certain dragon…

“If you pay attention, you can actually see that, in the scene where young Bran goes back to the creation of the Night King, he tightens his grip on the veins just as the dragonglass is pushed into his future self’s heart.

“And, in the end of the flashback, Bran is laying in the exact same position in the cave, as the human pushed up to the tree is.”

Still not convinced? Watch this video:

Now we really can’t wait to see what happens next.

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