Ganni x Ahluwalia

Ganni x Ahluwalia: the must-have conscious collection launching this week

The Scandi stalwart has joined forces with LVMH finalist Priya Ahluwalia on a limited-edition collection brimming with nostalgia. 

Unsure of what to wear now that you’re leaving the cocoon you’ve spent the last year in? Aren’t we all.

As we make the inevitable shift from loungewear to sporting real clothes once more, it may help to know that Denmark’s finest fashion export Ganni launches its long-awaited sustainable collaboration with menswear designer Priya Ahluwalia this week (and yes, you will want everything.)

The 19-piece line, which marks Ahluwalia’s first time designing womenswear, is brimming with dresses, jackets, jumpsuits and two-pieces, all of which have been crafted using deadstock fabric and leftover styles from Ganni productions that didn’t sell during lockdown. The result is an Ahluwalia-inspired, nineties-infused collection with all of the easy, throw-on-and-go appeal that has garnered Ganni such a cult following.  

Ganni x Ahluwalia
Ganni x Ahluwalia

For fashion lovers, the collaboration seemed an odd pairing initially. Ahluwalia, a finalist for the coveted 2020 LVMH prize, is a budding menswear designer, while Ganni is a Copenhagen-based womenswear brand revered for its wearable wares. However on closer inspection, it’s actually a match made in heaven thanks to both of the brand’s eco-credentials. 

Ahluwalia, who draws on her Indian-Nigerian dual heritage when designing, crafts her collections exclusively from deadstock material, which attracted the attention of Ganni’s creative director, Ditte Reffstrup, as she steers the brand towards integrating upcycling as part of its core collection. 

“Priya’s work is so forward-thinking yet it’s so connected to her roots. I love how her designs take inspiration from the tradition of passing clothes through families and between friends, paying tribute to her family’s heritage,” says Reffstrup, “When she started out creating, her main dogma was that she wanted to work with existing clothes and fabrics. The reworking of our past-season prints is so beautiful and fresh.” 

Ganni x Ahluwalia
Ganni x Ahluwalia

While the debut collaboration between the pair launches this week (just in time for the weekend), luckily for us, there will be round two in autumn when Ahluwalia crafts her sophomoric winter-ready Ganni collection. 

Ganni x Ahluwalia will be available to shop exclusively at and in selected Ganni stores while stocks last. Prices range from £75 - £1090.

Images: Courtesy of Ganni