15 gold necklaces to layer up this summer

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If there’s one way to give your outfits a makeover this summer, it’s by layering up stacks of gold necklaces. We’ve rounded up the best ones to invest in now. 

When it comes to jewellery it’s easy to rest on your laurels, and by laurels we mean rest on the pieces you put on every morning like uniform: heirloom rings passed down from your family, a stack of trinket bracelets you’ve collected over the years, a watch you can’t function without, or the necklace you got for your 21st birthday and haven’t taken off since. 

Jewellery forms a huge part of our personal identity, but the best part is that it can be used as a tool to reinvent personal style with a few new additions. One look that has become increasingly popular is the layering of gold necklaces, and we love that there isn’t a set of rules that need to be followed, just tonnes of your favourite necklaces all worn together. 

Got a plain white T-shirt you wear with jeans but want to make it more special? Layer on some fine gold necklaces and you’re ready to take that T-shirt to new levels. The same works when you want to embellish a throw-on summer dress, a button-down shirt and tailored trousers, and even your loungewear can feel more elevated with these simple additions. 

With gold coin necklaces making a huge comeback, mix up your offering of Roman-looking artefacts along with letter pendants, dainty chokers and simple chains for a chic summer neckline. 

  • Sif Jakobs Jewellery

    Sif Jakobs necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Sif Jakobs Jewellery

    Sif Jakob’s charm necklace made 18 karat gold plated silver, is the perfect base layer to pile on your pieces.

    Shop necklace, £169, Sif Jakobs Jewellery

  • Tilly Sveeas

    Tilly Sveeas gold bar necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Tilly Sveeas

    Tilly Sveeas’ T-bar necklace has become the brand’s most iconic piece, often found garnering the necks of fashion editors and influencers alike. The classic chain design has been modernised and turned into something that is understated yet impactive.

    Shop necklace, £100, Tilly Sveeas 

  • Edge of Ember

    Edge of Ember initial necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Edge of Ember

    An initial necklace never goes out of fashion, especially one that sits on a dainty delicate chain. Team yours with a thick rope necklace. 

    Shop necklace, £95, Edge of Ember 

  • Missoma

    Missoma twist chain necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Missoma

    We know Missoma is good for a gold necklace pendant, thanks to their ongoing collaboration with influencer Lucy Williams. But Missoma also has some brilliant investments pieces to team with your pendants like this twist chain necklace. 

    Shop necklace, £265, Missoma 

  • Roxanne First

    Roxanne First eye necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Roxanne First

    The go-to designer for cool girls, Roxanne First always gives her pieces an edge. The colours on this eye necklace and diamond tear drop will elevate even the simplest of looks when paired with layers of fine chains. 

    Shop necklace, £570, Roxanne First 

  • Hermina Athens

    Hermina Athens
    Best gold necklaces: Hermina Athens

    Founded in 2012 by Konstantina Pantelous, Hermina is a selection of timeless pieces influenced by a rich heritage rooted in Greek mythology and art. This particular pendant is ‘Amalthea’, the goat that nurtured infant Zeus during the years he was growing up hidden from his father Cronus. 

    Shop necklace, £105, Hermina Athens 

  • Astrid & Miyu

    Astrid & Miyu
    Best gold necklaces: Astrid & Miyu

    If you want to dip your toe into the layered necklace trend, start here with Astrid and Miyu’s simple rope chain. 

    Shop necklace, £79, Astrid & Miyu

  • Anni Lu

    Anni Lu
    Best gold necklaces: Anni Lu

    Give your outfit an instant hit of summer with Danish brand Anni Lu’s sweet pukka shell necklace on a long chain. Wear yours with a simple dress and layers of other pendant necklaces. 

    Shop necklace, £122, Anni Lu

  • Astley Clarke

    Astley Clarke compass necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Astley Clarke

    One part locket, one part compass, Astley Clarke’s pendant will easily steer your style in the chicest direction. 

    Shop necklace, £195, Astley Clarke 

  • Alighieri

    Best gold necklaces: Alighieri

    Winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Design Award, Alighieri’s jewellery is centred on story telling. Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, the collection continues to have a feeling of antiquity about the pieces. We love this choker-style necklace with gold and pearl details, particularly when it’s stacked with even more necklaces. 

    Shop necklace, £640, Alighieri 

  • Alona

    Alona pendant drop necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Alona

    Give your neckline a real definition of layers with Alona’s pearl and pendant drop necklace. 

    Shop necklace, £120, Alona

  • Monica Vinader

    Monica Vinader mini alta necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Monica Vinader

    Industry insiders can’t get enough of Monica Vinader’s ‘alta’ chain range. A simple design of interlocking links, this necklace will bring sophistication to any look. 

    Shop necklace, £325, Monica Vinader 

  • Isabel Marant

    Isabel Marant necklace
    Best gold necklaces: Isabel Marant

    This Isabel Marant layered necklace does all the had work for you. Wear yours with a simple black sundress. 

    Shop necklace, £240, Isabel Marant 

  • Anissa Kermiche

    Anissa Kermiche
    Best gold necklaces: Anissa Kermiche

    With its delicate pearls and simple chain design, Anissa Kermiche’s ‘Frost in May’ necklace will be a piece to buy now and wear forever. 

    Shop necklace, £315, Anissa Kermiche 

  • Laura Lombardi

    Laura Lombardi
    Best gold necklaces: Laura Lombardi

    Keep it simple with Laura Lombardi’s chain link necklace. Pair yours with simple chunky style chains of different textures such as rope twists. 

    Shop necklace, £86.50, Laura Lombardi

Images: Courtesy of brands / Instagram 

Lead image: Laura Lombardi 

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