Leandra Medine in dickey

Goodbye scarves: turtleneck bibs are the cutest way to keep your neck warm this winter

A unique way to cover your neck has taken the fashion world by storm.

Dickies – defined as ‘a small fabric insert worn to fill in the neckline’ – aren’t new. In the 19th century, men wore them as faux shirt fronts with a tuxedo to give the illusion of a nice sleek look. 

It later transformed into a jumper worn under a shirt to give the appearance of layering.

But over the past couple of years the item has morphed into something worn on top of clothes instead of under to be seen for what it is – a stylish neck warmer. 

Leandra Medine in dickey

It’s now known as a turtleneck bib or collar by those in the fashion world (regardless of where you are, despite the fact ‘polo neck’ and ‘roll-neck’ are the preferred terms in England), a trend that gained traction in 2019 when Leandra Medine Cohen wore a navy one over her shirt and jacket like a scarf and the New York-based label Tibi showcased it in their autumn collection. 

Today, from the high street to high end, turtleneck bibs are having a moment and we’re here for anything that is cosy and stylish. Here are eight versions we love…

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Main image: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images, product images: courtesy of brands