Gossip Girl is coming back, so here’s 9 Blair Waldorf approved headbands to celebrate

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Billie Bhatia
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Gossip Girl is getting a reboot, which means one thing: more Blair Waldorf headbands. Rejoice. 

There was a time (not so long ago) when our wardrobes were based entirely on whether we were Team Serena or Team Blair.

Team Serena meant you centred your summer look on bohemian style maxi dresses with flowing wavy beach hair, and your winter look on miniskirts and over-the-knee boots.

Team Blair focused on a more couture-like aesthetic. Whilst ruling the metaphorical Upper East Side your outfits comprised of plaid, a power coat and the occasional matching twinset. But every Gossip Girl fan will know the true mark of a Blair Waldorf fan-girl was her headband. Velvet and padded, embellished or even a tied silk scarf – no outfit was complete without the head adornments.

With news of a reboot hitting the Instagram waves, and quite frankly having us shook, it’s been hard to process how these iconic looks will be recreated in 2020. Especially as 8 years on from the OG Gossip Girl, we are still trying to emulate Blair in every day life and the fashion industry is supporting us at every step. 

There was a time (not so long ago) when our wardrobes were based entirely on whether we were Team Serena or Team Blair

Last September designers showcased their spring summer collections and they were adorned with headwear. Prada sent 50-plus looks down the runway with padded silk and velvet headbands, Miu Miu similarly sported think crystal Alice bands, Simone Rocha’s version were super embellished, and Dior made a case for silk ballet inspired headbands. 

Prada  / Dior / Simone Rocha s/s 2019 collections 

So, whether it’s for a summer occasion, to show your solidarity with the original Blair or because you have reason to celebrate that come next year there will be more glorious fashion gracing our screens, we have rounded up the most Blair-approved headbands out there. 

  • Prada headband

    Prada headband
    Prada headband 
    Almost impossible to get your hands on and the must-have hair accessory of the season. For die-hard Blair fans, it’s Prada or nada. 

    Silk satin headband, £170, Prada 

  • Anthropologie headband

    Anthropologie headband
    Anthropologie headband

    Another cult favourite, Anthropologie have been ruling the headwear game this summer. Try this zingy take on leopard print with a classic LBD for instant zing. 

    Leopard print headband, £28, Anthropologie 

  • House of Lafayette headband

    House of Lafayette headband
    House of Lafayette headband 

    Headbands have dominated the luxury market as much as they have dominated the high street. We’ll be snapping this up for the last of our summer weddings. 

    Knotted headband, £110, House of Lafayette 

  • Zara headband

    It’s a headband party with this Zara embellished number, easily adding an element of glamour to your everyday look. 

    Rhinestone headband, £17.99, Zara 

  • Accessorize headband

    Accessorize headband
    Accessorize headband 

    For those in favour of florals… you’re welcome. 

    Floral embellished headband, £16, Accessorize 

  • Wald Berlin headband

    Wald Berlin headband
    Wald Berlin headband 

    Known for their contemporary take on pearls and shells, Wald Berlin is serving up some serious style via this pink velvet and pearl padded headband. 

    Velvet and pearl headband, £143.05, Wald Berlin 

  • Topshop headband

    Topshop headband
    Topshop headband 

    Upgrade your black velvet headband to a black velvet plaited headband - it’s a thing, we promise. 

    Woven headband, £12.50, Topshop 

  • New Look headband

    New Look headband
    New Look headband 

    Pair this New Look headband with an all black ensemble to lighten the tone for summer. 

    Beige headband, £4.99, New Look 

  • Eliurpi headband

    Eliurpi headband
    Eliurpi headband 

    Shake up  your hair game with this twisted take on the classic headband. 

    Velvet headband, £115, Eliurpi 

Images: Getty / Courtesy of brands