This polarising summer accessory is the trick to surviving the heatwave

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Billie Bhatia
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We are bringing back a nostalgic accessory to help us maintain good hair in this heatwave 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the UK is melting. And we are simply are not equipped to deal with this heat. Raise your hand if you have almost cried on your commute this week? Raise it again if trying to get to sleep at night feels like trying to relax in Dante’s seventh circle of hell? And one more time if you have searched high and low for a fan, only to find that every shop has sold out? Please, Argos, have mercy.

The heat takes its toll on each individual in its own cruel way. For me, it’s the fact that my head now creates a daily torrent of sweat. I have thick curls that swathe my head, leaving no room for a breeze to cool me down. The humidity doesn’t help matters either, creating inordinate layers of frizz that add to my hair’s already substantial bulk.

One option would be to scrape my hair into a bun, but it looks a bit Miss Trunchbull on me: too severe, not enough texture and a little basic. Short of shaving my head and investing in a paddling pool, I’ve struggled to find a solution.

Buried deep at the bottom of my make-up bag was a colourful Solid and Striped scrunchie. Initially, I dismissed the idea: me, a scrunchie? It’s not 1995. But the desperation to cool myself down was overwhelming – so I put the scrunchie on.

It was perfect, and not just because I was in Paris and my scrunchie replicated the French flag. My body temperature felt like it dropped a few Celsius, and my hair looked more interesting. I had been dubious that I could rock a scrunchie as a grown woman, but the compliments (and Instagram likes) came rolling in. Suddenly, the group of girls I was with wanted to relive their youth and refrain from human combustion too.

Not as hot a silk scarf, not a twee as a bow and not as dull as a black elastic band, the scrunchie came through for me – so much so I haven’t taken it off since. So join the Nineties party. You (and your body temperature) won’t regret it.

Pink crinkle scrunchie

topshop pink crinkle scrunchie

American striped scrunchie 

Solid and striped red white and blue scrunchie

Yellow leather scrunchie 

Floral bow scrunchie

Striped bow scrunchie 


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