10 cool dresses to combat the heatwave weather

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Summer is officially here thanks to the ongoing heatwave we are experiencing. We’ve rounded up the best dresses to keep you cool (in every sense of the word) during this time. 

Summer is officially here. It might not be quite as we imagined with holidays looking like staycations, travel abroad abandoned and summer weddings postponed until next year, but the weather is certainly giving us something to smile about.

For the past couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to experience blue skies, bird song and all-day long sunshine. Sure, it has made us pine for a beer garden, beaches and salty hair more than ever before but is has also got us infinitely excited about our summer wardrobes.

Armed with summer-fuelled optimism and the first glimmer of a tan, we charge towards (online) stores  ready to discard our sweatshirts and jumpers in favour or bright, bold colours and delicate details. Slipping in a heavily-embroidered dress instead of our trusty loungewear, changing up jeans for denim cut-offs and burying coats in the back of our wardrobe and refilling our rails with printed satins and silks. 

However the reality of wearing those pieces quickly comes to fruition. The heavy embroidered dress as pretty as it is, now seems to weight heavy on your sun-wearied limbs. The denim cut off you had chosen for your daily walk are beginning to rub on your thighs, and the silks and satins are quick to show up the droplets of water now running down your body. 

The solution? Heat-busting dresses. Voluminous in shape, long in length and made from smart breathable fabrics such as cottons and linens. It’s time to feel as good as you look. 

Shop our edit of the best dresses to wear in a heatwave. 

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