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5 sure-fire ways to win at winter layering

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These are the simple styling hacks to make sure your winter outfits aren’t all about chunky knits. 

Let’s face it, winter dressing can sometimes be boring. You look outside at the wind and rain and the first thoughts that come to mind are a) how to avoid leaving the house full stop and b) where’s the trusty, thick sweater that’s already been worn 76 times this winter. It’s all too easy to opt for the safe option, but this doesn’t just have to be a jumper and jeans situation.

The Stylist fashion team has taken it upon themselves to find five simple ways to mix up your winter wardrobe.

From styling a jumper as a scarf to updating midi dresses (even summer ones) with knee-high boots. Count this as your easy guide to beating the chill and making the most out of trusty items you already have in your wardrobe. 

If this isn’t a Christmas gift we can all appreciate, we don’t know what is. 

1. Wear a spare jumper as a scarf

Street style jumper
Extra jumper around the shoulders

Living in the UK, we all have more than one jumper, so it’s time to put them to good use and layer up. If you tie a knit around your neck as a scarf – an approved fashion-girl styling trick – it means you also have a spare jumper to put on once you get into the (most likely) air-conditioned office.

Planning ahead has never hurt anyone, and having extra layers at this time of year is always a great idea. 

2. Add knee-high boots to midi dresses

Street style blazer and boots

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to avoid the dresses you’ve loved during previous seasons. Make your summery midi dresses work hard by layering with blazers, high neck tops and most importantly, knee-high boots. 

Not only do they look inevitably stylish, they’ll also keep your legs warm, too. 

3. Do the double shirt

Street style wearing two shirts
Wear two shirts

Layering a shirt over a shirt wouldn’t cross most of our minds, but once you see it in action you’ll understand why it’s a must-try. Keep the lower shirt buttoned all the way to the top and layer with another contrasting shirt with a few buttons undone. 

Wear with a suit for an androgynous look that’ll never fail to impress. Note: the extra layers also mean you can alter them as you jump on and off the Tube. 

4. Try out a knit bib

Street style wearing knit
Try a knitted bib

Granted most of us won’t already own this one, but knit bibs are a high street staple at the likes of Arket. The half jumpers look so chic layered over tops, shirts and dresses. Not only this, the sleeveless style will also mean you can layer over other knits and won’t feel too bulky on the arms in your winter coat. 

It’s time to give the knitted bibs a go, people.  

5. Add a roll neck under everything

Street style roll neck
Add a roll neck

The fifth and final tip, add a roll neck to any outfit. From jumpsuits and dresses to shirts and blazers – add a high neck top underneath anything and everything because:

1. It looks chic without any effort. 

2. It will keep you warm, but not too warm as you can remove the layers on top and wear it solo. 

3. You can get them from just £8 at Marks and Spencer, here

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