How to make the UK’s most hated fashion items look stylish

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Can Ugg boots and tracksuits ever look cool? Stylist investigates…

A poll, conducted by YouGov, has found Speedos to be the most hated “fashion” items in the UK. Leather trousers were next on the list of no love, with 63% of shoppers publicising their hatred of the admittedly less than comfortable bottoms. And Crocs (naturally) followed in third place, gaining only 41% of the public’s approval. 

Chinos, flared trousers and clothes with elbow patches were also shunned by the public, leading Stylist to wonder why, exactly. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share our styling tips for these unloved fashion items, so that they, perhaps, might be viewed more positively in the future. 

Leather Trousers

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 24: Thythu, fashion blogger, wears a green beret hat, a fur coat, black leather pants, a red bag, and red shoes, outside the Alexis Mabille show, at Place Vendome, during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017, on January 24, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Second on the list, we can appreciate that leather trousers can be less than comfortable, particularly when super skinny. A trick to still wear the trend and not have to reach for the talcum powder is to get them in wider leg fit. Wear with a heeled shoe boot or even rock a pair of kicks and you’ll fall in love with them again. 


In 4th place, with 57% of the public shaming them, is the flared trouser. A nod to the 70s is always fun in our book and who doesn’t love a leg-lengthening trick? Get them in a darker hue if the extravagant hem is enough statement for you. 


It’s called athleisure. Tracksuits are apparently hated by over half of the people surveyed, with a score of 52% but we couldn’t love them more. We’re not talking about your baggy school PE kit, but when they’re nicely-fitted, you can pair them with heels or even toughen the look up with some grunge boots. Trust us, no one is going to think of sports when they see you. 


We can understand the love/hate relationship people have with Uggs, which came in at 51% unpopular. But honestly, they’re perfect as part of a comfortable ensemble when it’s cold or you have a trip to take. And if they’re good enough for JLO, then who are we to judge?

Double Denim

We think that double denim is a match made in heaven but scoring 36%, there appear to be a few of you who are unsure. It’s all about finding the right washes and cuts for you. Darker washes are more flattering on curvier shapes and if you’re really tentative, why not mix black denim jeans with a light denim jacket?


Unfavoured by 60% of males and 43% of females, the jumpsuit can be sometimes tricky to pull off. Again, it’s all about the cut and colour. If skinny jeans suit your shape more, a tapered leg jumpsuit is your best bet. Know what shades work for you and what flatters all of your body - it’s head to toe of the same colour, remember. 

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