Yes, you can wear trainers for work. Here’s how

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Trainers are fashion’s biggest crush – and they’re not just taking over your weekend wardrobe. After reading this, you’ll want to wear them to work, too.

There was a time when you’d only pair trainers with workwear in order to get to and from the office in a timely fashion. The shoes in question lacked any kind of excitement: often of the performance variety, they were stashed away in a backpack and swapped for a pair of spindly heels as soon as you reached your desk.

But that time is over. Rejoice! Trainers are no longer just for a comfortable (and speedy) commute to work. Whether it’s a slick white leather trainer with a trouser suit or a chunky dad-like style with a floral skirt and trench coat, the right pair of sneakers has the power to transform your workwear wardrobe in a flash. 

Still don’t believe us? We’ve put four trainer-based work looks together so you don’t have to. Now, if these don’t put a spring in your step to face a new working year head on, we don’t know what will! All hail the humble trainer. 

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Suits You

A slightly oversized suit in a classic hue paired with white trainers is a look that’ll never fail.

Dress It Up

Toughen up a floral dress with a chunky mesh style. 

Crop Out

Sport sneakers work best with a wide-leg cropped trouser. 

Make a statement

A designer pair of kicks can lift a simple look with minimal effort. 

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