Jeremy Scott explains the thoughtful meaning behind his H&M collaboration

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Billie Bhatia
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On the evening of his H&M x Moschino debut, the designer opens about his desire to create a love letter to his fans. 

Every November fans of the high street giant, H&M, eagerly await the most anticipated designer collaboration of the year. We have seen the likes of Isabel Marant, Balmain, Erdem, Kenzo, Stella McCartney and Margiela team up with the high street giant (and those are just the ones I can remember queueing up for). At this year’s Coachella festival it was announced that industry insider’s favourite, Jeremy Scott - the Moschino creative director - had been passed the baton for this year’s designer collaborator. 

Known for his playful take on fashion, Jeremy Scott is the man that bought you the McDonalds French fries phone case, the Windex looking perfume and is the reason why you wore big gold chains with your little black dress. Having reimagined the codes of Moschino for the modern and fun-loving woman, the designer now was tasked with reimagining his aesthetic for the high street. 

Scott is in New York ahead of the launch and explains that when the idea of a collaboration with H&M was first mooted, it was a case of ‘sniffing each other like dogs’. Post sniffing, Scott decided to bring an accessible price point for his design to the global market, via the high street- and we (along with a whole host of his fans) are very grateful.

Much like Scott’s vision for Moschino, the collection is not for the fashion faint-hearted: there are giant silver sequin puffer jackets, thigh-high lace-up stomping boots, a heavy-set gold padlock bag  (“You can whop someone if they try and get fresh with ya!” Scott explains), along with gold leather trousers, diamanté bra tops and even a chain print jacket for your dog. 

According to Anne-Sofie Johnasson, H&M’s Creative Advisor, the collaboration had been on the brand’s wish list for a very long time. “We have wanted to work with Jeremy and Moschino for such a long time, we wanted to collaborate with someone who we admire, someone dedicated to every part of the collection and partnership and that’s why this collaboration feels so authentic and genuine.”

Indeed, the collection does feel genuine; Scott has been a pioneer in the fashion industry for bringing in a high-low mix to his runway styling and creating a streetwear vibe to his often couture-like collections. 

The gilded and glittering H&M collection could easily be mistaken for one of his catwalks in Milan - it is undisputedly Moschino, except without the price tag.

And maybe a dose of Moschino is just what the world needs right now: “We have the same values as Moschino with the diversity and inclusivity - fashion is for everyone. And this collection is about fun and fierceness which is something we need right now, more than ever.” 

For Scott, the meaning behind his clothes goes even further than a conversation concerning diversity and inclusivity: “A smile is the best gift you can give someone - if I can put a smile on your face I couldn’t do anything better in life. We live in very serious times with a lot of horrible things going on globally and sometimes you just need something to feel good about.”

’Street deluxe - a girl on the go, someone practical but who could turn a head’ is what the collaboration has been coined by both Scott and Johansen. “I did this collection as a gift to my fans, I wanted them to have all the elements to create the looks and do fashion for themselves. This collection is fierce and fun, it’s deluxe and the customer will reflect that. It’s about keeping the vision as pure as possible, there is no watering it down.” 

But how you can create something so luxury but, on a mass, high street level to the same quality? Scott made sure there were no corners cut: “Keeping the luxury of Moschino as a house is very important for me. I have to be the protector of Moschino’s integrity and H&M were so honest about the quality of the collection and to be honest, I was astonished with it. Nothing I think I poo-pooey or not up to scratch, I’m flabbergasted about the quality of the pieces to be honest!”

The collaboration isn’t just a the meeting of Moschino and H&M, it’s a whole series of collaborations. There is the obvious and then there is MTV, Disney too. “I learnt about fashion through TV. There was no internet when I was growing up and with the rising popularity of nostalgia it felt right and relevant to make up all these collaborations.” 

Whilst this collaboration is predominantly a gift of gratitude to his fans (because there are a lot of them) it is also an escape from daily life, a celebration of individuality and a reason to smile.

The #HMOSCHINO collaboration launches in store and online on 8th November. 

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