16 pieces of jewellery to bring a sense of spring to your home wardrobe

Just because we’re all staying inside doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace spring any other way we can. So, we’ve rounded up the jewellery that will help you do just that…

Even before we were spending most of our time indoors, bringing nature into our lives any way we could was set to be one of the biggest trends of the year.

From scents of forests and a serious spike in house plants to earthy tones in everything from our t-shirts to our nail varnish, it’s clear we were (and are) grappling to reconnect with the outside world in our often city-dweller lifestyle.

Now we’re spending more of our time in our homes during the sunniest spring any of us can remember, that desire is only growing.

Good job we’ve found a literal silver lining. There is no better time or excuse to bring the outside in with your jewellery.

These are the spring pieces that are bound to put, well, a spring in your daily allowance of steps.

The rings


Whether you’re a stacker or more of a one-key-piece kinda girl, rings are the perfect way of embracing natural design in jewellery - plus as they’re on your hands, you get to see them all the time.

Go for these pretty floral pieces inspired by the dainty yet powerful daisy (they can thrive anywhere) or mix it up with a unique dragonfly design.

Looking down at your keyboard as you type has never been more appealing.

The bracelets and charms


The Pandora Garden collection is the perfect way to explore bringing nature into your outfits with a bit of sparkle.

Their iconic charms and bracelets mean you can build a bouquet on your wrist and the flower designs act as a reminder that nature can be as beautiful as it is strong and powerful.

The necklaces


When your days are filled with Slack calls and Zoom pub quizzes, there’s naturally a focus on top-half fashion.

If you haven’t yet fully embraced floral prints in your outfits, bring some in with this dainty daisy necklace.

Or if you prefer something a little subtler, opt for this honeycomb inspired geometric piece.

The earrings


We’re going to be quite honest - we’re all living the top knot lifestyle at the moment.

And we all know the easiest way to glam up a look that’s giving away that you CBA today is to pop on a pair of earrings.

These little numbers will add some subtle nods to spring while also brightening up your look.

Embrace spring and let your creativity blossom with Pandora’s Garden collection. Shop the range now.