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Whether you are into layering and stacking or one-off statement pieces, Heidi Thompson of CARAT* London deciphers the big jewellery trends for next season. 

When it comes to jewellery, everyone has a touch point. A family heirloom ring treasured from generation to generation, a necklace an ex gave to you that is buried deep in a box marked, ‘Old stuff’, or even the same pair of hoops from Accessorize that you replace so frequently the store assistants know your name.

The real winner when it comes to jewellery is that regardless of age, size, shape, gender, race there is a style, a shape, a drop, a metal, a stone that suits everyone. Unlike clothes and accessories, jewellery sits on its own timeline of trends not defined by seasons, but rather moves like rhythmic waves from trend to trend. But what trend are we in now and how can you get ahead of the curve?

We caught up with the co-founder of CARAT* London, Heidi Thompson, to decode your jewellery game for the a/w season.

What is the jewellery trend to pay attention to for a/w?

Earrings! Whether that is tiny delicate studs, multiple piercings or bigger statement pieces, the trend
is definitely continuing into a/w 2018.
We are working on a range of new studs, drop earrings and cool ear cuffs that do not require any piercings, so watch this space.

Is there an art to stacking and layering your jewellery?

It really depends on the mood and the outfit. Sometimes I opt for one of our Millennium tennis bracelets with a pair of statement earrings to keep it simple. Other days I love stacking the rings or styling out a simple monochrome top with a real statement piece.

Recently, I’ve been wearing the Girlfriend necklace (a pre-layered necklace - one chain of round stones and a second chain with a single tiny moon pendant) that sits high up on the neck like a choker with really simple studs, paired with a few midi rings worn as pinky rings.

If I’m going out, I would switch my studs to a more glamorous ear jacket in the evening for a more dramatic asymmetrical look and balance the other ear with a single pearl stud.

What has been your most loved jewellery trend?

I have really embraced the earrings trend, to the point where I had an additional piercing made so I can wear our new single studs! Now I’m contemplating getting another, maybe on the cartilage. I am also a big fan of ear jackets. They are so versatile as you can wear just the stud or add the jacket, depending on your mood. When it comes to past trends, being a Nineties girl, I will always have a soft spot for choker necklaces. They just remind me of my youth when I used to be obsessed with Clueless.

Are jewellery trends a fad or something to definitely follow?

I would say a bit of both! Trends can be fun to follow, especially when it’s an Eighties style making a comeback, but I also always ensure that it matches my personality and fits my style, otherwise it will show when you are not comfortable in your skin.

How do you step outside your jewellery comfort zone?

Wear what you feel like wearing when you first wake up. Trying a different jewellery style is a simple way to take your favourite look to the next level. I see jewellery as self-expression very much like dancing or painting. When we design our collections, we love seeing how women wear us, each in their own way. It’s fascinating to see the same piece of jewellery worn in so many different ways, whether it’s one of our contemporary pieces mixed in with a personal ring or an eclectic stack of mismatched bracelets. There are no rules.

What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery is very much a big part of my everyday life, especially as co-owner of CARAT* London. Not only do I wear it but I also design it, with our customers and muses in mind. It’s funny how we can easily feel naked without wearing the pieces we love. Jewellery is not only personal, it’s a way to feel empowered, free and imaginative. It can easily transform the vibes of your look, not to mention give you instant polish. Who doesn’t want to look more chic?

What is your most memorable jewellery piece?

A tiny gold ring from my grandmother given to me for my first birthday. It’s a Korean tradition.

If there was one investment piece for this season what would it be?

Definitely the Roxy earring! It’s inspired by (you guessed it) the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles where bands like The Doors and Gun N’ Roses played their first shows. I love the asymmetrical trend and the dramatic effect plus with a price tag of £69 it’s the ultimate no-brainer purchase! 

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