Lulu Guinness’ latest bag collection has an 800+ waitlist, and we can see why

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Billie Bhatia
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Lulu Guinness’ latest collection is a feast for the eyes, and handbag lovers everywhere are (virtually) queuing up to get their hands on these delectable delights. 

A handbag is never just a handbag. A handbag isn’t just a random, unconsidered accessory you chuck on to finish a look. It’s an investment in both time and often money. A handbag is extension of our personal style, and more often than not one of our most treasured items. We hold handbags in high esteem, we save for them, swoon after them, admire other people’s versions of them, and regularly compliment them.

I don’t know about you, but I felt like a huge part of my identity (Billie with the good bag) disappeared at the beginning of lockdown. With nowhere to go to show off my most prized accessories, but the supermarket my outfits always just looked rather sad. While circumstances might not have hugely improved, our mindsets have, and now getting ready – even if that is just a supermarket trip – is something to look forward to. 

Which explains why Lulu Guinness’s latest bag drop – a red-carpet style collection of trinket bags– has already amassed a 800+ waitlist. 

Jessie Bush show's off the new Lulu Guinness collection.

Over the past year, Lulu Guinness – which we have previously come to know for their playful and kitsch designs – has changed its focus under the eye of newly appointed creative director, David Hodgson. “For me, Lulu Guinness is the originator of playful and witty bags - our purpose is to (hopefully) bring some joy and laughter with new collections and these styles are definitely bags you put on the table, not the floor,” notes the designer.

T, who formerly held positions at Loewe, Coach, Joseph and Proenza Schouler, saw huge success with his first reimagining for the brand with the now cult Bibi ‘Bingo’ bag that Bella Hadid and Lily James couldn’t get enough of. 

Bella Hadid wears the famous 'Bingo' bag.

In similar fashion, Hodgson’s latest creations for Lulu Guinness have been a runaway hit. The collection comprises of evening style bags: a pearl iridescent shell bag, another shell shape in a matte black velvet a tied-up velvet box bag, and a pearl embellished black bag. The pieces set to launch on October 12th have already been snapped up by industry favourites Monikh Dale, Jessie Bush and Ellie Delphine. 

Hodgson explains the success of these bag,  “A visually beautiful and stylised version of the real thing, the Shell Clutch offers a very much needed form of escapism. It’s dream-like. A single hidden pearl, ‘the world is your oyster’ delicately embroidered inside and a beautiful pearlised finish… what’s not to love?”

Consider this your fun bag of the season.

They might not be the most practical pieces in your wardrobe, but we aren’t looking for practical right now. We want escapism, something that gives us a slice of the old life (remember that?) and a reason to get dressed and enjoy that feeling of occasion. 

Getting dressed up never looked so good.

Images: Lulu Guinness