Meghan Markle's finale wardorbe was a lesson in unified dressing

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In what could have been perceived as their ‘finale’ tour as senior royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put on the ultimate display of dressing like a team. 

With the news still on heavy rotation regarding the functionality of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s roles within the royal family, all eyes were firmly on the couple as they returned to the UK to undertake the last of their senior royal duties. In particular, what they have been wearing. Because a dress is never just a dress when it comes to the royal family. 

We have come to expect big things when it comes to Meghan’s fashion choices: directional pieces, breaking with convention and a punch of personality – all of which she brought to the table this past week by the bucketload. Amongst the secret and not-so-secret subtle messaging in her most recent outfits, there was one message that rang louder than the rest, and that was one of unity. Between Meghan and Harry that is… 

Like a still from the biggest blockbuster romance film of the year, Harry and Meghan’s, now iconic look-of-love-in-the-rain-under-an-umbrella outfits sparked the biggest conversation amongst fashion insiders. “Look at her go!” squealed one Stylist staffer. 

In a fitted, midi-length, bright turquoise blue Victoria Beckham dress, Meghan’s return to public eye signified a change in attitude. She was no longer here to conform or please, but to be herself. Harry was an obvious supporter of this change in Megan as he joined in a matching (but not too matching) navy suit and brighter blue tie. And if the smiles weren’t enough to prove that they were a team, the achingly glamorous array of clothes that they both were about to put on certainly did. 

Meghan Markle takes on a blue Victoria Beckham number

For the Mountbatten Festival, there was another display of unity – hand holding (cute) aside – with Meghan’s all-out red outfits that didn’t just complement Harry’s regimental uniform, but confirmed their status as a united entity. An entity that looks happy, radiant, relaxed with one another, full of life and excitement - wanting to celebrate this next chapter in their lives and relationship through with nothing but joyful clothes. 

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Meghan and Harry make an entrance at the Mountbatten Festival

The Commonwealth Day event was a big moment in the royal calendar, not least because it marked Harry and Meghan’s last occasion as senior royals. We have seen that they are unreserved when it comes to displays of affection (see handholding) and their unwavering support of one another, so it’s no surprise that their unity was intrinsic to this particular occasion.

How to dress like a team courtesy of Harry and Meghan

Meghan wore an emerald green Emilia Wickstead dress with a matching fascinator from William Chambers for the event, with Harry echoing the same shade of green in his choice of tie and lining of his jacket, revealed only by a gust of wind. Whilst obviously co-ordinating outfits could have been perceived as a passive-aggressive swipe at the royal family, the subtle nuances of Harry’s and Meghan’s outfits discreetly but firmly entwine them together.

The messaging is clear: these two are a team who whole-heartedly have each other’s backs. 

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