Normal People: 8 Marianne-inspired black summer dresses

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Taking inspiration from Normal People’s Marianne, we are tackling summer style with a simple black dress. 

I think it’s fair to say we are all obsessed with BBC’s adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People. The story’s protagonists Marianne and Connell, and their story of falling and floundering in love has struck a chord with all of us, transporting us back to the days of first love and first loss. Rightly so, we are consumed.

One such consuming aspect of the adaptation is the clothes thanks to costume designer, Lorna Marie Mugan. Sure, Connell’s chain is the third main character in the show and the breakout internet sensation of 2020, Marianne’s wardrobe gave some serious sartorial moments worth noting. 

Most of the story takes place in Ireland between their hometown of Sligo, and Trinity College, Dublin where Marianne shirks her school uniform in favour of eclectic vintage finds like a crushed velvet wrap dress, blazers and Isabel Marant-inspired slouchy ankle boots.

In one episode, however, we are transported to Tuscany by way of Marianne’s family villa (which coincidentally you can find on Airbnb). With sun-kissed skin and tangled hair we are given a glimpse of the characters’ holiday wardrobes. Connell remains inherently Connell, chain and all, opting for his beaten-up Stan Smith’s and trusty T-shirts. For Marianne, Italy means a more bohemian aesthetic. We see printed mini sundresses, a classic denim skirt and sleeveless shirt combination and for all intents and purposes, the perfect black summer dress

Marianne gives us a lesson in easy summer elegance
Marianne switches up her style for a gingham shift dress.

We have long been a fan of summer black, and for good reason. It’s simplicity and neutrality brings a clean, elegant aesthetic to what can sometimes be fussy summer-style dressing (see Coachella fringing), and Marianne’s take on summer black hits all the right notes. 

Inspired by her strappy black midi dress we have rounded up the best copycats to sink into this summer that will make you feel like you’re eating ice cream in a piazza. 

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