The internet is incredibly divided over ASOS’ newest fashion accessory

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Kayleigh Dray
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There’s no denying that ASOS knows its fashion – and, thanks to its innovative customer service and delivery options, the store has earned itself a bookmark in many an online shopper’s web browser.

However it seems as if the retail giant’s latest foray into the world of kitschy accessories isn’t exactly to everybody’s taste.

And that’s putting it lightly.

Taking inspiration from our smartphone obsession, ASOS is selling a novelty handbag that’s shaped like an emoji, which is all well and good. After all, there’s nothing that speaks to us quite like our favourite symbols. From the dancing lady to the risqué aubergine, our use of digital pictures reveals a lot about our personalities – and we quite fancy the idea of wearing our favourite on our sleeve (or shoulder, as the case may be). Plus, we have a proven history of enjoying novelty bags.

The ASOS bag, though, is based on the poo emoji.

The Emoji Movie Poo Cross-Body Bag (With Detachable Chain) is retailing at £20, and promises to help you “score a wardrobe win, no matter the dress code” – which is a bold statement, but one we’re willing to back them on.

Because nothing says “black tie dinner” quite like a pile of poo, to be honest – or ‘poop’, as our American cousins like to say.

According to The Sun, there are a fair few people on Twitter who have fallen for the kooky accessory’s charms already:

Others, though, are just not here for this new trend. At all.

In fact, it’s sparked something of a rebellion on social media, with some threatening to start up an online petition to get the poop removed from the online shelves.

The faux-leather bag is fully lined and is (like so many things related to this specific emoji) completely wipe-clean.

Throw in the zip closure and the detachable strap and you have something that is – dare we say it – quite practical, if a little (OK, a lot) on the wacky side.

Plus the poop emoji is thought to be the favourite of those who are seriously carefree, fun-loving, and free-spirited – if a little reckless.

All good traits, as we’re sure you’ll agree: maybe there’s more to this bag than meets the eye, eh? Or maybe it really is a pile of you know what. Cast your votes now...

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