Best orange winter outfits to wear now

Best bright orange outfit ideas to brighten up all your winter outfits

Inject some sunshine into tired winter outfits with a squeeze of tangerine. 

It’s now the third week in the rollercoaster that is January, the driest month of all, and if there’s one thing we’re collectively in need of, it’s a little bit of joy. A touch of magic.

In between the fact that our festive hangover has only just waned and the government’s omni-dithering over, well, absolutely everything, January has been many things, but fun, playful and light-hearted are not among them.

The solution, of course, lies in the deepest, darkest depths of your wardrobe (yes, really). The sartorial directive in the coldest, glummest and moodiest months of the year is to combat the darkness by lighting it up with your style. 

Best orange winter outfits to wear now
Tangerine was peppered throughout Ganni's spring/summer 2022 collection.

By this, of course, the message is not to run into the arms of glaring neons, or wear literally illuminating materials, but rather to turn your attentions in the direction of sun-kissed shades of tangerine/carrot/Aperol. Because if ever the directive of dressing for the cocktail you want to drink was applicable, it’s in the midst of dry January.

Varying shades of bright citrus were woven into the spring/summer 2022 collections. At Ganni and Proenza Schouler, it assumed the form of form-fitting, floor-sweeping dresses, while at Dior, bursts of juicy orange were interpreted into swinging 60s-esque skirt suits and XXL flared trousers.

The takeaway was clear: this is one seriously ripe trend that’s simply waiting for you to take a bite out of it. If only it counted as one of our actual five-a-day. These are a few outfit ideas for any tangerine dream lovers looking to embrace the juiciest hue of all.

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Best orange winter outfits to wear now
Try a happy and uplifting tangerine-toned dress.

Tango-toned, highlighter-hued dresses flooded the spring/summer 2022 collections and it makes sense as to why. For those looking to dip their toe into the trend, embrace the ease of an all-in-one dress, preferably one of the floor-sweeping family. If you’re really in need of a dose of sartorial Vitamin C, embrace the tangerine with equally juicy bursts of yellow and green. You will be the juiciest belle of the ball in no time at all.


Best orange winter outfits to wear now
Inject a pop of colour into tired winter looks with a juicy tangerine jacket.

A carrot coloured jacket is just the sartorial antidote to the dreariest month of the year (and well beyond). It can be all too easy during the winter to match your outfits to the grey and bloated skies that loom over us, but a zesty orange jacket is actually the most perfect, and potent, remedy. Keep your hemlines either hip-height or ankle-length to really let the tango talk.  


Best orange winter outfits to wear now
If full-look orange is too sweet for you, then try injecting bursts of orange accessories into your look instead.

More chilled than carrot but punchier than peach, employ the use of full-bodied orange accessories to lend a helping hand to tired ensembles. Loewe’s cult Puzzle bags in zesty shades of orange are a style set favourite across the board, but a chunky knitted scarf also makes for the cosiest accoutrement for during the colder months. The diktat is clear: go OTT for orange.  


Best orange winter outfits to wear now
An uplifting knit is the sartorial equivalent of a hug; it just feels good.

If there’s ever been more sweater-worthy weather, it’s now. The way to counteract the January blues is with the opposite hue on the colour wheel, orange. Because is there anything more feel good than zesty, juicy shades of orange that will usher the sunshine right into your wardrobe? Frankly, no. Wear with winter whites if you prefer to play it safe or clash with leopard, zebra or bleached denim if you’re feeling daring. 

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Images: courtesy of Getty and Ganni.