Meet the sustainable tracksuit brand Instagram can’t get enough of

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Meet Pangaia, the sustainable loungewear brand that celebrities (and Instagram) can’t get enough of, and to be honest, we can see why… 

If you had told me in February during fashion week that my most desired item for the season would be a sustainable tracksuit, I would have told you that was as likely as a global pandemic. Well, here we are almost six months since the world went into a never-before-seen shut down that changed every part of our lives, including the way we dress.

In this new world order, comfort is the ruling factor for the clothes we put on our back every day. Where so much uncertainty still lies (When will be back in the office? When can I really properly hug someone who isn’t in my bubble? Will there be an occasion to wear something other than trainers or Birkenstocks this year?) the parts of our lives we can control, like what we wear and how that makes us feel, seems important than it ever was before. Which is why I, and the rest of the nation, have turned to a rotation of pieces that make us feel swaddled, padded and comforted; pieces that are familiar and that are easy and don’t take much thought or consideration as to not infringe on the bigger things we might be thinking about.

Like many of you, my comfort has come in the form of leggings with oversized sweatshirt, throw-on dress when the heatwave spiked and a plethora of tracksuits. I had previously given very little thought the tracksuit part of my wardrobe, it consisted of slightly worn-out grey Nike joggers and a pair of faded Jack Wills trackies from over a decade ago. I never considered a tracksuit much of a sartorial status symbol until now. Now my mind has been switched, new season Bottega Veneta has been knocked off the top spot by an oatmeal coloured, luxe-looking, weighty, matching tracksuit from cult brand, Pangaia

Pangaia, which takes it name from ‘pan’ meaning all-inclusive, and ‘gaia’ meaning Mother Earth, was founded by a collective of scientists, technologist and designers that create essential products such as loungewear and activewear from innovative tech and sustainable and recycled materials. Pangaia have a clear mission: deliver on style without compromising on substance. 

The collection, which is formed of millennial and Gen-Z must-haves: easy-to-wear tracksuits, hoodies, leggings, crop-tops and puffer jackets - all labelled with minimal branding - are created from recycled plastic bottles and organic cottons. The colourways are formed from natural botanical dyes and even sport innovative antibacterial peppermint to stay fresh for longer (read: wash less). If that wasn’t ticking your boxes with each product sold, one mangrove tree is planted in partnership with Sea Trees which equals one ton of CO2 stored – which for you and me means, a technique whereby greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Excellent. 

It is no surprise then, given the ethos and aesthetics of Pangaia, that Instagram has fallen in love (or rather people have been positioning themselves on comfy looking couches with a homemade latte in hand wearing Pangaia on their Instagram). With fans of the brand like Tracee Ellis Ross, Kourtney Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Natalie Portman, Scandi taste maker Pernille Taesbeak and countless others, you can see how the brand has amassed almost half a million followers on Insatgram, and frankly, why it’s reached the top of my most-wanted list.

Pangaia’s latest ‘Botanical’ collection sold out in just 15 minutes and yesterday the brand teased a new collection on the horizon comprising of earth tones (every Instagrammer’s dream) that I can say with absolutely certainty, will be another speedy sell-out for. If the next six months goes anything like the first half of this year, I’m hunkering down in swathes of Pangaia and not coming out until it’s over. I suggest you do the same. 

Here’s Stylist pick of the Pangaia bunch. 

  • Sand hoodie

    Pangaia: Lightweight cotton hoodie

    A firm favourite amongst fashion insiders, Pangaia’s sand hoodie will bring an elevated feel to your laidback look. Oat-milk latte not a necessary addition to this look but recommended. 

    Shop hoodie, £114, Pangaia

  • Pangaia

    Pangaia: Recycled cotton trackpants

    Using woven organic and recycled cotton these Pangaia plum coloured trackpants are the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe. Wear with a chunky knit and box fresh trainers. 

    Shop trackpants, £91, Pangaia

  • Pangaia

    Pangaia: Seaweed T-shirt

    Created from a lightweight saltwater seaweed fibre and mixed with organic cotton, this khaki t-shirt has also been made with peppermint oil to keep it fresher for longer. 

    Shop T-shirt, £65, Pangaia 

  • Pangaia

    Pangaia: Lightweight recycled cotton sweatshirt

    A classic grey marl sweatshirt never goes out of style. Consider this an investment piece for this season and many more to come. 

    Shop sweatshirt, £99, Pangaia

  • Pangaia

    Pangaia: Loose track pants

    For when you just want to lounge around, grab yourself a pair of these loose fitting track pants. 

    Shop track pants, £107, Pangaia

Images: Courtesy of Pangaia / Instagram 

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