5 women on the biggest misconceptions about being plus-size

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Think plus-size style is limited to butterfly prints and smocks? Think again…     

“Don’t wear crop tops.” “Pack tankinis for the beach.” “Black is slimming…” 

The list of plus-size style ‘rules’ is as long as Avengers: Endgame, but who said that curvy girls have to listen to them?

To bust those rules, we spoke to five unique, stylish plus-size women who’ve had it with being told what they should or shouldn’t wear…

  • 1. Fitting in is better than standing out

    Smock dresses, plain colours and nothing too OTT is assumed to be the curve uniform, but who dreamt up those style credentials?

    Model Louise O’Reilly has been working in the fashion industry for over a decade and still gets told bold styles don’t suit plus-size women.

    “God forbid if you’re curvy and embrace bright colours, an all-white-everything outfit, or even a white swimsuit,” Louise says.

    “I was once told these would never look good on me. 

    “I enjoy disrupting as many fashion myths as I can. People of all sizes can look great in today’s trends.” 

  • 2. Black and vertical stripes are slimming

    Different colours and patterns suit our bodies in different ways, but the assumption that all curvy girls want to look slimmer is BS, according to model and lawyer Bishamber Das.

    “If I got a pound every time I heard I shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes, I’d be a millionaire,” she says. 

    “I used to want to look slimmer, choosing all-black outfits, but I’m glad I’ve outgrown that mindset. 

    “Since it’s confidence that makes an outfit look good on you, I now dress solely for me.

    “Every time someone suggests looking slimmer, I remind myself that it’s more important to look stunner.”

  • 3. Trends are off-limits

    When it comes to curvy fashion, plus-size women are expected to be happy with the same old styles every single season. 

    But thy.self founder Chloé Pierre won’t let societal expectations stop her from living her most stylish life.

    “I can go for short-shorts and a crop top, head-to-toe luxury or chic minimalism,” she says.

    “I can even walk to the beach in an on-trend bikini, just like my smaller counterparts. Tankinis aren’t just my only choice.”

  • 4. Skin should always be covered

    The narrative goes that if you’re plus-size, you should be covering up your skin instead of showing it off.

    Well, it’s time for a rethink.

    Sam Rowswell AKA style blogger FattyBoomTatty is all about a little exposé.

    “I love the whole crop top look,” Sam says. “When I rock those two inches of skin on my stomach, does anything bad happen? No! Wear the damn crop top – our skin deserves the sun.”

  • 5. Plus-size bodies aren’t bikini bodies

    Got a body? Congrats, you’re beach-ready! 

    But for some, the message takes a little longer to get through. 

    Plus-size influencer Lottie L’amour is on a mission to bring curvy bikini bodies out of the shadows this summer.

    “If a plus-size person wants to be the Beyoncé of the beach in a bikini, they absolutely can,” she says.

    “Whether you shimmy into a swimsuit or look tasty in a two piece, plus-size bodies look amazing in swimwear. 

    “Everyone is more bothered about getting a tan or where their next cocktail is coming from to worry about your wobbly bits.

    “Get your belly out (or don’t – whatever feels good to you), get the sun on your skin and just relaaaaax!”

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