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Anyone who lived through the decade as a teen generally finds the idea of revisiting fashion from 1990 to 2000 about as appealing as revisiting adolescence full stop (yeah, no thanks).

We weren’t sold on the tattoo choker comeback, took some convincing on the return of spaghetti-strap slip dresses and brown lipstick, and begrudgingly accepted dungarees and rib tops were not going away anytime soon.

However, the most recent item to be mined from the style archives isn’t just a nod to a popular style or an updated version, it’s an actual replica of a famous – some would say iconic – fashion moment in one of the decade’s most popular films: Pretty Woman.

And the design, available on ASOS, is actually by the same label that made the original. So which outfit? The posh red frock? The polka-dot get-up?

Nope, it’s the solidly Nineties two-parter-connected-by-a-curtain-ring minidress:

And the original, for reference:

The design is by Hunza G in collaboration with ASOS, and is called ‘Crinkle Iconic Mini Beach Dress’. The brand description reads: “London-made label Hunza G started out in 1984 under the direction of Peter Meadows and became known for its unique crinkle-stretch fabric and Julia Roberts’ iconic dress in Pretty Woman.

“Thirty years later, its favourite sporty fabric has been recut into new swimwear silhouettes under Georgiana Huddart’s creative direction.”

And yes, there are several swimsuits online too, but of course, all anyone is talking about is the Pretty Woman dress – which is available to anyone with £136.

As it’s in the swimwear section, there are no size options but the product details list it as suitable for sizes 6 to 12.

Roberts’ character, Vivian Ward, seemed to have a couple of versions of the dress, which was called simply ‘The Hunza Dress’ at the time, sporting a tie-dye blue and white one in the 1990 film and a pink and black one on promotional shots.

While the Hunza G Instagram account showcases a red version of the dress, both the US and UK website currently only offers a black and white colourway – though if ‘OMG’ social media comments are any indication of sales, we’d predict the promised red and royal blue styles will be out sharpish.

So what’s next? Since Zara has already strayed into the Noughties with corset handbags, we’re not sure anything could surprise us…

The dress is available from

Images: ASOS / Rex


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